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ETR Academy Station v1


First off, I'd like to say that this map isn't quite what I expected. Even though the author labeled this a medium size map, it's actually quite small. You start out on a small chunk of what's
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supposed to be Earth. Nothing there except a few trees, a big rock, and a small building. That's it. Once inside the building, you see a doorway. Enter that and be taken to a small space station. The space station is nothing spectacular. There's a main lobby-style room, a map room, and a walkway with a nice view of space, and a door to a ship. You can't get in it, though, so don't try. Down the walkway is a small hallway. There's an opening in the floor on the left that takes you to a small room that has no use what-so-ever. When you exit the walkway, there's a also a big door in front of you. This door leads to another sort of lobby. There's a few desks and chairs to sit and work at, but don't we play this game to escape that? Anyway, there are a few lamps on one wall and some sort of decorative statue on another. Three of the statues, actually. From this room you can head to three other rooms. One's a transporter room, with three transporters: one to take you back to the little piece of Earth, one to take you to a little room off by itself with a few fenced-off power-ups, and another to take you to a little box-like area, with no apparant way to escape. Another room contains that little box, and...well, that's all that's in the room. The third room is a little grassy dueling arena with three tall poles. Now, for the pros: The thing I like about this map is the general layout and design. It's rooms, though few and quite plain, somehow seem to be kinda fun at the same time. The map, as a whole, is more of a hangout than a combat map. There are two or three hidden areas around this map, including a swimming pool. That's about all for the for the cons: One of the more obvious problems are the texture bugs. In many places where textures collide, they don't do it very well. You'll notice them flipping every time you move. Another is with some of the walls and floors. They seem to be black at random places. I also found a problem is with one of the rooms I mentioned. Remember the box of no escape? That needs a way out. Though this doesn't really effect gameplay or anything, the little chunk of Earth you start on has no surroundings, just background, and that lowers the quality. I'm not sure if this is a problem, but I noticed that the shader for this map is practically non-existant. I never noticed any shadows except on my player model. Alright, that's about all I can compain about. ;) So, after judging both gameplay and graphics quality, I give this map a 6.4/10 New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Surpport : No ~Raptor522~

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