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(SOR) Clan Pack


Clan skin pack rating: * ½ (out of four) Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No Unifermius Matty, Lord Valc, and Wind\'s (SOR) clan skin pack is very uneven.
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Nothing is sloppy, but very few of these skins are artistic or stylish. Most aren\'t even very pleasing, but they\'re not hard for someone to like. Members of the clan, the Secret Order of the Rancor, commissioned skinners to essentially take default models from Jedi Academy and put logos and text on them. Some are definitely more interesting than others in the pack, but not enough. What had to be my favorite skin in the pack was Wind, which was the only one where the logo/text advertising the clan had been artistically placed onto the Reborn skin. It flows with the zany, red and orange lines that zoom all around his body. The only other good skin in the pack was that of a swamptrooper changed into what looks like a bronze swamptrooper, accomplishing the bronze effect with a combination of the color and the new shader. These two skins do look like good skins, but where the pack fails is in the rest of it. The best adjective I can use to describe the other skins in the pack is \"boring.\" The Grim Reaper skin is just a plain black Jawa with red eyes, which isn\'t the first of its kind. Some of the other skins are recolors which aren\'t particularly good or bad, but they lack a certain juice that makes other skins more fun to use. And the rest of the skins, unfortunately for the reputation of clan skins, are stereotypical clan skins. They are just mild recolorings (sometimes adding an out-of-place shader, like in the case of the green on Rosh) with text and/or clan logos that make no effort to blend with the rest of the skin. Clear, textureless text just seems to float on cloth. I\'m not sure why anyone would want that as their clan or personal skin other than what the text says, which isn\'t a very good reason to want to use it. As a whole, the pack is just too dull. It\'s uneven, and seems incomplete, lacking any interesting features, except the added HUD and splash screens, which are mediocre. Some model icons were new while others were just default. The thing that the production team for this pack really needs is a strict manager or some sort of quality assurance tester. Someone needs to make sure everything is included, everything looks good, and everything is worth the clan member who requested it. Otherwise, and as it is in the case of this pack, we\'re left quite bored. —Ra-Kom

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