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Right, here we have a map by the name of HydroBotBall. Now, I’ve heard of the Hydro Ball mod before, but I’ve never actually played it :/ So I don’t know what it is, or what its like. It also
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mentions something called Bot Ball in the readme, but I also don’t know what that is! :| Since I cant really comment on how the map is played with this mod, I will instead review it based on other factors such as build quality, architecture, and other things that I normally look at when I review a map. First of all, I must say that the area I spawned in was very cool, there was a nice custom stone texture on the walls, and nice deep orange lighting coming from burning torches positioned on the walls. I think the combination between the texturing, torches and lighting was very effective ;) From there I could either walk into the main area where I presume the game is played, or I could walk up a steep flight of stairs to the stadium area on top. The actual play area inside the stadium doesn’t really have much in it, other than two hoops, one at either end of the arena. How you use these in the game is still a mystery to me :S (Note to Self: I must check out this Hydroball Mod sometime:) ) The stadium area at the top of the stairs would be a good place to watch the game that takes place below, it really does have that stadium feel, and there’s plenty of seating ;) the map looks like a pretty cool place to play this Hydroball game. So well done there mate! The map also works pretty well as a general FFA map, so that’s a bonus :) However, some things that could be improved upon: There is a massive glass box around the play area, and although I can understand the practicallity of this (afterall you wouldn’t want innocent spectators falling to their deaths over the edge, after they had had one too many juri juices) it just looks a bit weird, this massive glass box. Perhaps a different glass texture would make it look better, maybe the env_glass texture from the common textures folder. I often use that, caus it looks nice and shiny :) Just remember to make sure you REALLY stretch the texture so it doesn’t repeat itself too often. You could also try adding some frames or something around the glass, so it looks like all this glass is being supported by them and isnt freestanding. One other thing you could do is maybe add some more detailing around the map. Perhaps some pipes here and there, or a few models scattered around, just to fill the map out a bit more. But besides that, a good map here mate, I hope you make a v2 of this sometime :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master ~Nozyspy~

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