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Improved Saber Sounds Frequency Mod


Sounds rating: * * (out of four) Warbird\'s \"Improved Saber Sounds Frequency Mod\" is a bit peculiar. From the start, I was never really sure what its purpose was. I know that the author
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clearly said it in the readme, but the practicality of adding more sounds to lower the frequency at which each individual sound is played is a but odd. It seems something that belongs in a much larger mod. And it\'s not even entirely a sound mod, as the screenshots tell you. It\'s just a pack of randomly selected changes. The saber sounds which have been modified don\'t quite sound all that good. There is nothing wrong with adding all sorts of new sounds, but not when the integrity of the sounds is sacrificed—quality not quantity is a significant problem with the mod. I liked the author\'s choices for sounds, but the movie rips are not of high quality, and I can often hear part of the movie in the sound. I, once or twice, could even identify the [i]Star Wars[/i] film from which the sound had been ripped, which isn\'t a good sign. It\'s not a good sign for the mod because the sounds need to be independent from the films, indistinguishable and beautiful, and it\'s also not a good sign for me if I can identify a one second sound from a film. Also changed were some of the clash effects, which I actually liked. They were irrelevant to the mod and had nothing to do with it, but alone, they were still likable. They looked far more accurate to the films, in their largeness and sudden flashes of brightness. They consisted of the saber flare when sabers collide and changing the sparks, which I liked a lot better than the default, for they looked more natural. These would be more recommendable, however, if they were included within a much larger mod or within a small saber effects mod, but with a sound mod? I can\'t recommend sounds that really don\'t sound good, and aren\'t edited well, and they just lack purpose or direction. Sounds need to take you somewhere, to make the game more enjoyable because you are hearing different, more film-canon sounds. The saber swing sounds sound more like just moving a saber, which gives this mod a lazy feeling—a lazy Jedi is unheard of. These sounds never really some together and make an experience, and then effects are thrown in… it\'s a bit of a mess. —Ra-Kom

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