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RE4: The Church


Well, I haven't played Resident Evil 4, so I can't comment on the similarity in design, and really don't know whether this is a good resemblance to the actual thing. However, from looking at it as a
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stand-alone map, it still isn't bad. Before I go into the actual review, I need to point out that theres a fair few bugs in the level, both lighting and structurally. Firstly, the tombstones and some of the wooden crosses are not actually touching the ground, and cast shadows underneath them, which looks wierd and isn't very realistic. Secondly, theres a horriffic lighting big on one of the tree stumps,(5th screenshot) and the light shafts in the church. Furthermore, go behind the church and you can see through the wall into it, which I'm pretty sure is not meant to happen under the normal laws of physics for a stone brick ;) However, ambiance wise this map does have a foreboding feel. That's probably down mostly to the music which is kinda eerie/spooky, but obviously the whole 'church-at-night' theme adds to the effect. I do feel that the grass textures used are far too low-quality, and the brick and roof textures on the church repeat just a little bit. I was kinda hoping to see a stained-glass window in it somewhere, but I didn't. :( There's a small hut which which looks nice from the outside, but it's too dark inside to really tell what you're doing. Oh, and as a final note, the map isn't really big enough for a proper FFA, and when standing on the roof the skybox doesn't work well. Maybe you could add some extra detail around the boundaries of the level to cover this up. Just a thought. :) Ah yes, my final gripe. Where's the bot support? C'mon guys it's not hard to do, especially on a map this size, and without it you can only play it in a server - which isn't very good at all if there's no servers playing the map. So yeah, I wan't to see some bot-routes if you update this map Elgan Vos! New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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