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Jedi Fort


Well here we have a medium sized FFA map by the name of Jedi Fort. I remember when I used to play around with mapping, just doing it for fun on JK2 Single Player, one of the early maps I created was
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a castle type thing. This really reminded me of that because it’s kinda similar. It has walls all the way round and a big courtyard, with the Keep (the main Castle tower) in the middle. And there’s also some other buildings scattered around the courtyard. However, my map had a big forest around it, whereas this map is set in the desert :) This map also has a small (but EXTREMELY deep) moat around the Keep. For something that is the author’s first map, this isn’t bad at all mate! The idea of a castle map is pretty cool, and for your first map you haven’t done too badly. I would really like to see you expand and improve upon the idea and maybe release a v2 :) Some of the things you could work on: One thing I noticed what that there were some swoops in this map, so you could have some cool races around the keep ;) But the swoops have missing textures on! :( Remember when you use swoops in a multiplayer map, make sure you use the swoop_mp vehicle, otherwise the textures wont work. There were also one or two missing textures, but that wasn’t too bad. Also in one of the buildings in the courtyard (the one with all the weapons in) when I climbed the stairs I kept getting stuck at the top, because the ceiling wasn’t high enough to let me go all the way to the top, so I had to crouch. So play around a bit with the dimensions of things, it takes a bit of practice to get all the dimensions right, so the character can get to certain places. I remember when I started off I was terrible at it, and I kept making corridors that you had to crouch in to get through lol! With a bit of practice though I soon learned how to make things just the right size. Practice makes perfect as they say! :) If you or any other new mappers need help mapping, try the forums here on this site (there’s a link on the bar on the left side of the screen), alternatively is also a great place to go to learn more about mapping! Not a bad map here for your first map mate, keep at the mapping! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~

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