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SOR Duel/Training


Hmm... a clan training map. *looks suspicious* Well, I checked everywhere and didn't find any signs of recruitment posters, so I guess this is a clan map, but more of a training, fighting map,
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rather than a hangout. Which is good, seeing as hangout maps get boring extremely quickly. Okay, theres missing textures on the ceilings of the smaller, separate duel rooms, but that's probably the only error I found in terms of technicalities. However, whilst the lighting looks fine, it is a little on the dark side, and the sources don't match the illumination - in the main duel room there's plenty of bar lights on the ceiling, but no light appears to be coming from some of them. Using shader lights could probably help the author to light his sources properly. Architecturally, it's pretty slick - there's some stretched textures which are a bit pixelated, namely the main duel arena stone floor, but aside from that, the stands and chairs look, and feel, real. Not to keen on those signs for the different duel areas, they don't seem as high quality as the rest of the map and bring it down somewhat. Oh yeah, and having the teleporters out of the duel rooms turn off once you've spawned an enemy may be challenging, but I'd prefer to be able to get away, thank-you very much. Especially if you've spawned a rancor by accident. ;) Kudos for including bot routes, definitely a big plus on my mental score sheet - yet I can't help but wonder if all those files included in the pk3 were necessary. And, if you stay in the main duel room, you'll definitely have a good time. Going into the smaller duel rooms is a different matter - they almost seem as if they were added as a quick afterthought - the level of detail here is very low... just boxes for rooms really, and awful lighting. Still, most people will primarily use the main section so that's okay. Oh yeah, one more thing - the music doesn't work with the map, it just ain't lively enough. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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