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Destructive Forc3 Arena


Okay... you know what? I'm really bored of these maps. You guys are taking yourself far too seriously - what with all this management mumbojumbo and special admin areas making it easier for you to
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control the players - and you also uphold the fatal 'No Laming' rule... something you can probably tell I am not a supporter of - but did you really have to put a giant sign in the level about it?! I guess whilst this map, is structurally good, its just not insipring, and the ambiance kinda makes me want to cringe. Super-coloured floors and duel arenas? It's almost as bad as that bouncy castle in the Matrix reloaded map! ;) I guess the lighting was okay (No sources though), but it was very generic - most of the difference in tones was down to the textures, which were sometimes okay, and sometimes out of place. A great deal of the floor textures didn't match up with the walls, and the skybox was an inapproapriate choice, considering you can see the bottom of it, which is just a plain yellowy square.. so yeah... moving on. :( I have to hand it to the author(s) though, the map does have a fair amount of interactivity - it's just that the interactivity isnt that varied or insipred. Lots of special duel areas with NPC's to spawn, and buttons which cage you in so you can duel in peace.. but to be honest, isn't that precisely what the duel function is JK3 is for? Lots of falling floors though - but when the original floor starts to move down, it looks very odd when it slides slowly [b]through[/b] the bottom which is already there, and disappears through a solid floor. Additionally, the amount of teleporting I had to do to get around was ridicuous, and confusing. Why not have all the areas linked with corridors and areaportal them? That way the FPS still stays high, but the teleporters aren't needed. The music used is a good piece, it's the final from a New Hope. Nice piece, but doesn't fit with that map brilliantly - it doesn't loop well and it's not really complementing the map, it sounds more as if you're just playing a track whilst playing the game, as opposed to feeling that the track playing is enhanceing the experience. Overall? Well it's a bit hit and miss. Technically, the map isn't that bad, but it's just uninspired, same old, whatever you want to call it. My advice? Try making something which goes 'outside the box' next time, instead of following the trend. :) Oh, and include bot-routing next time around! *Slapped wrists* New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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