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Green Kyle


Skin rating: * * (out of four) Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No Salegar\'s \"Green Kyle\" sits, however elegantly, bone dry lacking in creativity. \"Green
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Kyle,\" the title itself lacking in creativity, restricts the skin to being green, which is one single color, one that many may not enjoy. If the author wanted to create red and blue team skins, it probably wouldn\'t be very green in those, and if the author wants there to be a \"Green Kyle\" version two but instead make it blue, well, we have a problem. The title should be something less restrictive, and since I think that \"Green Kyle\" looks like Kyle if he were an android, perhaps you, the author, could have called it \"Cyborg Kyle\" or the like. Now aside from something as trivial as a title, the skin itself doesn\'t look inherently bad. Some find green to be less attractive than other colors, but I\'m sure it could find an audience. It\'s a recolorion, which would normally be atrocious, just making Kyle green, but the author does try to add integrity to the file, both by formatting his email and readme perfectly, and by adding a shader. The green isn\'t a beautiful green, but with the shader, the author points out that Kyle looks like he is wearing body armor. Indeed, it does, and it must be body armor intended to look like cloth, because it still does up close. If the author wanted it to look like body armor, he should have retextured. Shaders are interesting devices; people like shiny things, and I\'m sure many people would find respect for this skin because it is shiny and could pass as a quirkily designed, off-this-world cyborg. However, it\'s certainly not a perfect shader. As I point out in the screenshot, it doesn\'t look like a realistic surface, because certain areas are consistently brighter than others for no reason other than the fact that it\'s not a perfect shader. The reflective shine of light needs to appear more even. So, we have a skin that is genuinely respectable. It does not look in any way repulsive as many recolorings do solely due to the shader, but it shouldn\'t be that way. And from what I know—the title—it doesn\'t look like it\'s supposed to look good in that sense. It\'s just a recoloring that is shiny, which happens to make it look like he is wearing body armor, where a better skin would make itself shiny so as to make itself look like body armor. The problem is with the creative process, but at least the author knows what looks good and what doesn\'t. —Ra-Kom

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