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Q3E Minimizer


Q3E, or Quake 3 Engine Minimizer is a program that has been created to give you the ability to quickly and easily minimize nearly every game that has been coded using the Q3 engine as a base. The
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reason I made this was because I was tired of having to spectate, or suffer being killed over and over again as I used Alt-Enter to switch to my desktop which took practically forever so I could answer MSN or ICQ. -------------- Changes: -------------- - Now supports these games: -- Quake 4 (Same boat as Doom 3 -See Below) -- American McGee's Alice -- Game Over in Machinimation -- Medal of Honour Allied Assault -- Medal of Honour Allied Assault Spearhead -- Medal of Honour Allied Assault Breakthrough - Fraggin' Huge Codebase Revamp Thanks to my programming work on the EF mod RPG-X, I've learnt a great deal more about programming, which I was able to incorporate into Q3E Minimizer. Through a LOT of recoding (very nearly re-wrote the whole thing!) and optimisation, I managed to chop off about 50kb off of the size from the previous version! - Revamped Key Selection I recoded how you select hotkeys, so it is now a lot more flexible. Not just alphabetic characters, but nearly any key on your keyboard you can use now! (NB: Although I didn't disable it, you may want to avoid F12 as some windows apps need that one. Additional flexibilty include being able to assign the same key twice (so you can just use the same keys to toggle in and out of game) and being able to set no keys at all (Could be useful in some instances. I can think of a few) - All New DSM I COMPLETELY RECODED THE DYNAMIC SCREEN MODIFIER. Having finally grasped the concept of API functions and how to use them right, I found out how inefficient the DSM function was. It's now been totally redone from scratch and I think it's safe to say, it's a lot faster and it'll leave your icons alone now. ^_^! - Remade Icons I resized and optimized the games icons used, so they should look a lot more crisp and less blocky in the system tray now. - Minimize Game if it Loses Focus A requested feature. When this is active, if the game loses focus (ie, the user switches to another window or hits the windows key), it'll automatically minimize the game. - Command Line Arguments Not really a detailed feature, but it could prove useful. Basically, as you start up this program, you can add the command line argument '-run "" ', and when Q3E Minimizer runs, it'll start up that program too. - More efficient registry settings I went through and consolidated a few of the registry settings into single entries, thereby saving a tad more memory lol. - Subclass Message Support This was another requested feature. I added support for external developers to be able to send commands directly to the program from their own programs using the Windows SendMessage API function. Supported commands include Toggle, Minimize, Maximize, SaveGameRes, GotoDesktopRes, and GotoGameRes. Unless you're a programmer, you probably won't be using this feature at all. Any developers interested in trying this out, e-mail me and I'll send you the necessary defines.

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