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Mod rating: * * (out of four) Mods come in all shapes and forms, and bring a variety of different gameplay environments to your server. This one completely changes the feel of multiplayer
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gameplay in Jedi Outcast, sometimes for good, but most of the time not. It\'s simple: the author describes it as an Instagib-type of modification, but when you kill someone, you teleport to his/her location. By \"Instagib-type\" modification, he meant that you are restricted to using one hitscan weapon with infinite ammunition, the Tenloss Disruptor Rifle, and one shot of this kills. Teleporting to the location where you killed someone the moment you killed him/her makes for a somewhat chaotic server, but it actually helped improve my reaction time and my accuracy with the weapon after playing for about thirty minutes. The author said that it gets annoying after ten minutes, and it did, but then it got more fun as I got better. There seem to be ten second periods where you own everybody if you have good reaction time and accuracy, and then when you finally die, you get owned by everyone else for about ten seconds. This creates an inconsistency in the fun of gameplay, where for one moment you\'re happy and the next moment you\'re pissed because all the teleporting one-hit-kill shots are preventing you from even moving from each spawn. A funny little problem that I encountered is where you, using the Tenloss, zoom in on someone and use the charged up, disentegrating shot to kill an opponent. This doesn\'t always happen, but most of the time it did for me. I would zoom in, charge up, fire, and hit someone, then I would teleport to that location, but the beam of energy seemed still to be there and I ended up killing both the person at whom I aimed and myself, thus cancelling out the point that I had just earned before the scoreboard could even tally it. I had never seen the console say before \"Ra-Kom killed himself\"; I call this TelefragMOD\'s \"self-telefrag\" bug. The telefrag feature creates some annoyances and only one nice thing that I found. I tested this mod first on the Massassi Temple map, where you can see everyone, they can see you, and thus your ability to fire at anyone is consistent. This resulted in a great deal of chaos that was too uncontrolled, even for an Instagib-type mod. I then tested it on the Nar Shadaa Streets map, which helped to control the chaos, but also made just the teleportation concept more dangerous because of all the pitfalls. It\'s really not fun when you constantly have to fall down pits because you shot someone and ended up falling down the death pits when you teleported. On the only upside that I found, you can save yourself from certain death by pitfall by shooting someone who is stably on a platform. I\'m not sure why in the readme the author called the folders \"maps,\" or why he fully capitalizes \"MOD\" as if it\'s an acronym, while the word \"mod\" is really just an abbreviation for \"modification,\" but I am sure why the author created the modification. He created it for fun, and I can see the potential behind it. Unfortunately, the level of chaos just barely goes too over-the-top, and many of the aspects of a wonderful map are taken away when you teleport wherever you shoot someone. It will be fun for a select few enthusiasts who know who they are. —Ra-Kom

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