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SFC3 Textures


This is the second version of the texture mod for Starfleet Command 3. It adds several completely new textures for SFC3, which will make the game more realistic. The major difference to the first
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version is the option to choose between different era versions. Of course, there are textures which would fit into many different Star Trek eras. But for several textures (like some torpedo or phaser textures), which have three different versions which I think reflect the major changes that have occured (and which are doable in SFC3) in Star Trek weaponry: 1.) TMP: The TMP version contains torpedoes with a white core (like in ST: The Undiscovered Country), phaser beams which get broader the longer they are (the energy is spread) and a yellow quantum torpedo. Of course, this can\'t be a quantum torpedo in this era, but it should look like a Klingon torpedo that could be seen in ST: Voyager. (The race that owns the quantum torpedo can be changed by modifying Assets/CommonSettings/ Go the quantum torpedo entry and change \'race\' from \'F\' to \'K\') 2.) TNG: This is the era the original game is based on. Klingon torpedoes are green now (but still different from the gravimetric torpedo), the photon torpedo is a mixture of many torpedoes that were seen in the films and the quantum torpedo has now white in the middle (there has been a demand for that)! 3.) Voyager: This version contains a yellow photon, a not necessarely Klingon and a tri-cobalt torpedo (as a quantum torpedo). (To change the name of the quantum torpedo, look into a text file called strings.txt and replace \'quantum\' with \'tri-cobalt) You can choose between these versions, whatever your game looks like. Installation: Copy \'TextureInstall.bat\' and the \'Texture Mod 2.0 Files\' folder from this zip file to your main SFC3 directory (like: \'C:\\Program Files\\Activision\\SFC3\\\'). Then launch TextureInstall.bat and follow the instructions on the DOS screen (type a letter and press \'enter\' to \'answer\'). If it doesn\'t work for some reason, look for the textures you want in the \'Texture Mod 2.0 Files\' folder and copy them to \'Assets\\Textures\' manually. This Mod is compatible with all currently known versions of SFC3 (including other mods). Make back-up copies of your old textures if you want to restore them later!

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