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Council Tournament


Ookay, yes this is a clan map, and it does have the one clan advert... but don't fret! - it's not all bad news ;) I never thought I'd say this, but I'm beginning to see more and more decent clan
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maps, and most people have realised people don't like hundreds of adverts in a map they're playing.... I think I'm starting to like them... it's got me a little worried heh. Anyways, the map. First of all, nice music choice - it's gotta be one of my favourite default JK3 pieces, and definitely works with the yavin-moon landscape. Usually with this texture set, i see the bespin skybox, which isn't one of my favourites, but I was quite pleased to see the yavin sky. I spawned into a small outdoor area where the author has made a decent attempt at creating some organic scenery. That leaf texture doesn't work for the floor though, and make sure you use physics_clip on your trees, instead of ordinary clip; as it stands you can fire through the trees. The lighting out here is also incredibly bland, and definitely needs work - the plants are too dark and everything else is too bright. Inside is much better lighting wise. There's no sources that I could see, but nevertheless the ambiance fits the style. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have light sources - I would definitely like to see some of those. Most of you will recognise the style - it's been done to death in maps like Jedi Council-GC and all its mini-clones. However, at least this attempt isn't an ugly one. Patches have been used, for the most part, nicely, and the rooms didn't feel 'square' or boxy. The author might want to check his clipping on some of his plant-in-pot modles though, you can shoot through and run through some of them. Another point - some of the doors haven't been given a wait values (or the trigger for them haven't been given the value) and consequently unless you press the button super-fast it opens and closes too quickly. Another consideration is maybe to improve the roof textures in some areas - such as the areas with wooden roofs, and be careful, this map is on the verge of overusing the red nar-shaddaa textures. Have a cookie for the framerate though - very good it was too. :) Infact, with all these frames spare, why don't you add some more details to those rooms which look a little empty? ;) Oh yeah, and the levelshot doesn't work because you placed it in a 'levelshot' folder, rather than a 'levelshots' folder. New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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