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If I were going to make a stormtrooper reskin, I'd make it black and red, because tose two colors were meant to go together. Of course I wouldn't release it, because that's been done a million times,
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but this author did. It's pretty well done for a recolor - all the red portions look neatly done (there are no splotches of red on where it should be black) and even the red eyes look pretty cool. Of course it's not the shade of red [i]I[/i] would have picked, but the last time I picked my own 'special' red, people told me it was magenta :( One thing really ruins this skin for me. The big "" plastered onto the back of it. I don't know how many times I, and everyone else, has to say it: 99% of the time, text on a skin looks bad! The only times you can really get away with text on a skin is if it's part of a decal, if it's runes, or something that looks like it's supposed to be there. But I don't know how often we get skins that look like someone just used their text tool to put some colored text on a skin. If you're going to do that, please at least try to blend it in, rather than having it be opaque on top of the texture. Regardless of how good a skin was, that would [i]always[/i] ruin it for me. Okay, now on to the suggestions for improvement! 1) Remove the ! Nobody wants to see it there... if you're making a personal skin that's [i]that[/i] personal, don't upload it! 2) Add a nice shader. A specularity shader at least, but a chrome shader might look cool too on just the black parts. 3) Don't add team support unless you're [i]actually[/i] going to make team skins. 4) Add bot support! That skin might be kind of cool do slaughter as a bot. 5) Last but not least, do something a little more 'special' to it, to separate it from the rest of the black/red stormtroopers. Can't tell you what tha something is, otherwise it wouldn't be special and personal to you ;) Bot Support: No Team Support: No (Same as default) New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri

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