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Yavin Temple


Ok, now technically, Yavin is the big red planet and the yavin 4 bit is a moon right? So why are these temple maps always called Yavin? *shrug* lol just something that's been bugging me ;) Okay, that
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said, although this is called Yavin, its actually set on Yavin 4, you know, what I class as the 'cliche' of JK3 level mapping. So it's not all that innovative....but not all good things are innovative right? I spawned in to a small garden/stone-walled enclosure with what looked like a trench running through the middle of it. This trench actually turned out to be a river, although looking at it you'd never have guessed, as you can't see the water and its filled with green fog ;) The author has made an attempt at some more curvy scenery here, however the ground itself is far too flat to look natural, and the river curves could have been done more effectively. The random boulders and broken pillars look okay, but the lighting on the bushes and trees was quite buggy. Replacing those plant models with misc_model_static entity should fix the no-lighting problem. Going through the only obvious route I could see, I came to a large hall with pillars. Then there were 3 doors leading off to different parts of the map, a kind of hub of the level. It was a very square room, as were all the other areas, but they did have an acceptable level of detail, such as stone tablets, windows and lamps, although some rooms were a lot more bare than others, such as the dueling rooms. :( The hallways by far impressed me the most, nice atmosphere in those :thumbsup: The other areas were a second outdoor section which was very similar to the first, with some run-down buildings and a few more rooms with walkways over a lake of green gas... which does kill you, for the record ;) What else? Well the skybox is a little buggy when you can see the bottom of it - it really just spoils any realism the rest of it has created, but fortunately you can't [b]usually[/b] see it. Oh yeah, there's also a big, but ininspired bar which has music in it. This music does however, clash with the background music and sounds horrible. Fortunately you can turn it off and unplug your ears again though. ;) A lack of bot support is a really big negative for this map, but I am told by the readme that this map is compatible with a Mac PC, whichis a big plus - all the files seem to be there, but not being a mac owner, I can't comment on whether it works or not, sorry :( New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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