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Call of Duty

Armor\'s Realistic Weapons


Here\'s a cool mod that aims for weapon realism by modifying certain characteristics of the stock CoD weapons. See the list of changes below, and if you want a different game, download this mod now!
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;) [quote]The Bren\'s clip size has changed from 30 to 28, which was a common practice for British soldiers to avoid jams. The max ammo has also changed from 300 bullets to 280. The Kar98k, and the Mosin Nagant scoped and unscoped rifles now cannot be reloaded in the middle of a stripper clip. It is possible to reload these weapons in the middle of a clip in real life; however, the stock COD game did not make animation sequences for this, so I added this restriction. I also raised the damage from a stock value of 120 to 130. The Kar98k scoped has a little higher damage value for the rifle it is. The Colt 45 has been modified with more damage. The slug is a .45 caliber bullet, which had a lot of stopping power compared to the Luger. The stock COD value was 50, but I upped the value to 63. The Thompson has been modified to have 20 rounds in a clip instead of 30. Before Call of Duty, I have never heard of 30-round clips for Thompsons, but I know they exist. This is more realistic. The MP44 has been modified to have a faster rate of fire. It went from a stock COD value of 0.12 (500 RPM) to 0.10 (600 RPM). All the hand grenades have been modified to be cookable; the fuse times have also been dropped from 4 seconds to 3 seconds by popular demand. The German potato masher grenade has been modified in terms of damage. It is a fact that the German grenades were weaker than their American rivals. For example, Joy Toye of Easy Company, 101st Airborne, survived 2 German grenades when they both went off within 5 feet of him. He made it through without a scratch both times. The Lee-Enfield British rifle has been given more \'bang.\' I raised the damage due to popular demand. I didn\'t raise it too much but just enough to be realistic for the rifle it is.[/quote]

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