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Clerici Tenebrosi Temple


Map rating: * * (out of four) — 5/10 Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA YooD4 created a map for his clan, which is called "Clerici Tenebrosi Sith Order," a
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name that seemed at first to be unnecessarily complex, until I checked his website and saw a bunch of Polish words; the clan and map name is clearly foreign. I found a foreign element of the map as well: what the author called "The Hall" was actually a Christian Church of some sort (I think so—but I'm not part of any Christ-oriented religion, so just ask the author, and don't yell at me if I'm wrong). I've never seen a church in a map before, and since this is a clan map, I would guess that the clan is probably Christian. What's surprising is that the map is actually quite dark, in both lighting and in spirit. The lighting in an academic sense is mediocre; there aren't always light sources. Actually, sometimes there are lights that are clearly in a place where there is no source nor any logical reason why the light should be there, such as the red light under some of the chairs and benches. There's also a problem here, when there's red light under chairs, in that some of the light seems to seep through to the top of the chair, as if there's a crack in it. It's a Korriban-based map, so the chairs and benches should be completely solid with no cracks, which makes this error valid. This map has a banality that's probably common with ordinary clan maps, specifically the lack of creative energy, and the stark rooms whose only non-barren areas are the room names posted on top of the doors and the clan sign plastered in the hall and duel rooms. It's an entirely uninteresting map, with no such delights or practical places to be. The only thing that's good about the map is that even know it's not fun, it's not necessarily bad or horrible. The bright color red wasn't used all that well in this map, but it doesn't seem to really stand out so much to make it truly negative; perhaps not using such a bright red would help. I think it added a darker atmosphere to the map, but I also think it could have been even a little darker than it was. Aside from lighting, the architecture and other map elements are not particularly bad, just not particularly well-done. It's no achievement, but it's nothing about which to cry. Good job not making this a bad map YooD4, but take a chance and try something more creative next time. —Ra-Kom Note: Just for the record, I was just informed that this actually isn't YooD4's clan, and that any lack of creativity is not to blame on YooD4 himself—the clan gave him the instructions for what to build, and for that, I would say he honored those instructions very well.

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