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Saber Color Changer


Script rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10 vVenticore's tiny script changes the color of your saber at your command—as long as you're not using a mod like JA+. It's a useful little tool that
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essentially just reduces the amount of time it takes to change the color of my saber to the press of a button. Once you have it installed and working, you press F11 to change the color of one saber and F12 to change the color of the other (if you have dual sabers). The readme's a bit nonsensical, but the author seems to be German, because his email is listed as being at web dot DE (Deutschland / Germany). He probably used an online translator—or someone's failing English—so for you to make use of this script, I will explain what you have to do, since the readme might not make much sense to you. As long as you're not using any special mod that could mess up the way that saber color changing works (the author's readme points out JA+), this should work. Download the file, extract the ZIP, go into the extracted folder, pick up the .CFG file, and move it to your Jedi Academy GameData/base folder. Open up Jedi Academy, go into a server that does not run JA+ Mod (good luck avoiding the tyrannical monopoly), and open up the console (Shift + ~); run the console command "\exec sabercolorv2.cfg". It will ask you to (after console's closed) press the left mouse button, or rather your "Attack 1" button if not left mouse. This will enable Saber Color Changer ver. 2. Now you can press F11 to change the color of your single or staff saber and F12 to change the color of your second saber if you're using dual sabers. I had to sleep on it to figure this out, but the readme points out under the "Error|Bug" section that pressing the F11/F12 keys too many times too quickly results in the game returning an error telling you that too many commands have been given in the past few seconds, so the last input was ignored. Just wait the five seconds or so, and you will be able to use it again. And finally, the author tells us that making the script was boring. Well it's a useful little script that works well and is only held back not by itself, but by JA+ Mod's monopoly. Good job vVenticore, even though you will not understand me because you will probably just copy and paste this into an online translator (they don't work very well, you know). —Ra-Kom

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