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Desann Reborn


This skin is supposed to be Desann in an undead form - if Tavion had resurrected him. Now I don't exactly see which part of this skin is undead. The only thing that looks remotely undead to me is his
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skintone, but even then it doesn't look incredibly dead to me. Had his clothes been a little ripped up or torn, then maybe I could see the whole undead thing. Now I can't figure out what all the red markings are supposed to be. He's got splotches on his clothes too, so I'm guessing it's either blood, or he spilled some face paint down the front of his shirt. If it's face paint, it's way too bright and looks painted on (not in a good face-paint kind of way). If it's blood... I don't know who tells these people that blood has the same color as a red balloon. Blood is a deep crimson. Of course heck if I know what the red is actually supposed to be, because the author doesn't tell us in the read-me. The rest of the skin, as well as the team skins, seems to be just the default Desann skins, with these red (or blue, in the blue team skin) splatters and designs all over it. Unfortunately, despite some attempts at shading these designs, they still come across as flat and remind me more of a stained-glass window than someone's flesh. We get bot support and NPC support, but don't expect the bot support to actually work because the author only included the personality file and not the actual bot file. It's a good attempt, but needs a little work, both in technique and creativity. The most interesting part of this skin was the read-me: [quote]First of all, this is probably the worst Desann re-skins you've seen in a while. If I admit this, then why the heck did I submit it? I was extreamly curious on what people's reaction would be, and curious on how to re-skin a model. Feedback is gold to me, if you like something or hate something about the re-skin let me know, your comments and opinions will help me improve this.[/quote]I guess he's never heard of a forum. I hear they're great for feedback. Bot Support: Yes (non-functional) Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No (Desann from JO) NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri

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