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RJK Mappack


Well here we have a mappack by {RJK}Renek. This mappack contains two smallish FFA maps, RJK-HQ and RJK-Hangout. First of all RJK-Hangout: This is probably my favourite map out of the two, the
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reason being the cool waterfall going down the wall in the room you spawn in. I think the mixture of the waterfall texture and the misty effect at the bottom of the waterfall is quite effective :) This map isnt too big, so there are only a few rooms, which include the waterfall room, and a lava duel room, which I would imagine would be an interesting place for some intense dueling! It also has a GIANT swimming pool hehe, the water in which looks like tropical water, you know, when it’s a nice light blue and really clear. Now all we need is an indoor beach…..;) There was one thing that was a bit strange, there was like a corridor in the main hall, filled with fog, but as soon as you walk into it, it kills you! I couldn’t really figure out what this was for :S One thing that bugged me about this map, was that the lighting in some areas was quite harsh, and bright. But this author is still relatively new to mapping, so the skill of effective lighting will come with time and experience :) Nobody is brilliant when they start trust me! RJK-HQ: This map is slightly bigger than the Hangout map. There is a small outdoor area surrounded by fencing, and a large tower in the middle. The tower contains many floors, including another big swimming pool ;) And a large observation deck at the top. The ground floor also contains like a little security room, which allows you to lock the inside door, stopping people from gaining access to the upper floors in the tower, which I thought was a cool feature. Then theres the little details like the fact that the switches make a noise when you press them, that’s cool too. Things that bugged me on this map; pretty much the same as the last, the harsh lighting, although on the HQ map, the outside is VERY dark, that could really do with some extra lighting because I couldn’t see where I was going :/. Some more detailing, like pipes on the walls and other little details like that would be cool too. But nevertheless these two maps are a good start to your mapping career Renek, and I hope to see some more of your work soon ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~

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