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Leo Dominus


Model rating: * * * ½ (out of four) — 9/10 Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes I love cats. I have a black, white, and gold cat that always cuddles up next
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to me wherever she can. The creativity of this model is wonderful, and it is made complete by the ever-competent author, who happens to be Inyri Forge, who happens to have included bot, NPC, team, and SP support, and has added new cat sounds (no LODs, but that\'s okay). It\'s great to have a readme that includes virtually everything that you need to know. I\'m not an expert on modelling, and without reading the readme I probably would not have cared to write in here that the shoulders have a small, insignificant problem about which you do not need to care. I was surprised when I tested this model in Korriban Tombs—that map looks the most Egyptian, and Egyptians worshiped cats—to find that what were supposed to be some lovable kitties actually weren\'t. These are some mean kittens. They electrecute you, fire rockets at you, and their growls are vicious and lion-like. However, these sounds sound good, and aren\'t just cheap crackles. I think there could have been more variety in the sound made when you damage someone, but overall they\'re great. So they were modeled well—I am thankful that the author waited until she was competent with modeling before submitting her work—they sound good, they have all the features that anyone could want, but do they really look like cat-men? In a way, yes. As long as the head is facing forward properly, the heads look like cat heads, and the bodies... well, the bodies look like beefy men\'s bodies; this isn\'t exactly cat-like, but they\'re supposed to be cat-men, so it passes. The textures are accurate and do not look bad, but unfortunately they are so smooth that you could mistake these cats for bald, tattooed kitty-men. It doesn\'t look like fur. As a matter of fact, the texturing and modeling make these models look like colorful balloons that have been accurately and delicately blown up to the exact dmensions of cat-men; I say \"balloons\" both because the texture is rubbery, and also because they\'re so puffy from being so muscular. Nonetheless, I don\'t see how anyone should care about this quibble. They\'re cat-men, and fur is a difficult thing to do; what do you expect? If fur was modeled, it would be an insane number of vertices that would be quite difficult to make unless you have a tool for your modeling program that does fur for you. Superb job, Inyri. I don\'t have to tell you to keep going, because I know that you will. Cat lovers unite! —Ra-Kom

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