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US Marine


First of all, let me say this for [i]everyone\'s[/i] benefit. I don\'t know what tutorial you people are reading, but you do [i]not[/i] need to include the _humanoid folder unless you are modifying
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animations! Please don\'t include it... we\'ll just remove it to reduce the filesize of your skin, and it makes me cranky :( Anyway... I don\'t profess to know a grand amount about the American military. I\'m a woman, after all. Who wants a woman in the military? Even so, I can go look up a picture of a random marines lance corporal and figure out just how accurate this skin is. The result: it\'s partially accurate. It\'s got a lot of the little details that should be on the uniform, but then again it\'s missing some. Like the little doohickies on the collar are missing. Also the buttons going down the center of the jacket should be larger than the buttons on the breast pocket (which [i]should[/i] be in the breast pocket area and not in his armpits). You can see that the shoulder things (I should look up my terminology...) are partially there, but the author didn\'t bother to finish them on the back of the torso, so you can see half of one and about a third of the other. After much searching on google, I finally found a fully body shot of a bunch of marines in dress uniform. What I discovered was yet again more inconsistencies. The belt buckle looks like it should be black, the rank badges on the arm should be red and gold (not bright red and bright yellow - they\'re not made of plastic, you know), the belt shouldn\'t have multicolored speckles all over it, and it looks like there are some buttons on the lower segment of the jacket. The pants however seem mostly accurate. Now keep in mind I\'m trying to look at this like a marine would be looked at during uniform inspection. This skin really is quite accurate for a marine skin - everything he has on there is roughly in the right place - it\'s just lacking in a few areas. One of those being texture. I\'d guess most of the added on pieces are photosourced. The jacket doesn\'t look quite right because the author recolored the Imperial torso, but didn\'t remove the folds, which are not present in the marine uniform. Anything that was added was either photosourced or painted on without much shading or texturing. I\'ll give him props for being unique, but the author needs to work on his skinning technique a little. One thing that really bothered me though was that the author used a JO model when there is a JA equivalent. At first I thought maybe I wasn\'t paying attention and it was a JO skin. Nope. Might be something to think about next time, as well. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri

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