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Mycelo's Weapon Enhancement


I made this mod to have another trip in DooM3 official levels with better weapons and effects, but without messing around the coherency of the game as most mods do. I tried to make the weapons look,
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sound and feel more powerful, however, the overall difficult level wasn't changed too much. There's no magic powers, super weapons or exaggerated dramatizations. Nothing seems out-of-place. All weapons keep their original behaviour along with newer features. All parameters were cautiously tested and adjusted to keep the general balance. This is a single-player mod, intended to be played with the original levels. It doesn't work properly in multiplayer. It may not work properly combined with other mods and expansions (official or not). It requires DooM3 1.3 for Windows and may not work on other versions. Before installing, please check this website for updates: ------------- Features: ------------- - New weapon sounds. - New weapon skins. - New visual effects. - Secondary trigger (AKA alt-fire). - Super Shotgun. - Plasma Railgun. - Target locking rockets. - Proximity mines. - Remotely-detonated mines. - Motion-detection radar. - Increased muzzle flash. - Chambering pistol with flashlight. - Four fire modes for machinegun. - Sniper with view zooming. - Accelerating chaingun. - Increased kickback. - True Recoil (TM). - Iterruptible reloading. ---------------------------- Changes over v1.05: ---------------------------- - New gamex86.dll (Windows, 1.3), to provide a secondary trigger to weapons. - Alt-fire key binding added to controls config screen. - Hunting Gun renamed to Boomstick. - Changed the switch order of the Boomstick, now it's the third weapon. - Increased slightly the damage of the Chaingun and UAC Shotgun. - Machinegun switches to fire-mode with the alt-fire button. - Machinegun sniper fire-mode automatically zooms the player view. - Proximity mines are remotely detonated with the alt-fire button. - Plasmagun alt-fire switches between Burst and Beam. The plasma beam has a blue railgun effect and sound, can instant kill anything smaller than an Imp and go through bodies. It requires a little while before being fired again and consume 10 ammo units, meaning 5 shots per clip. - Boomstick alt-fire fires only one shell at once, and can only be reloaded when empty. - Added slow-moving target-locking rockets. Hold the trigger of the Rocketlauncher to enable a laser sight which will lock on targets. You hear a beep when you get a lock. Release the trigger to fire or keep holding to cancel. If by some reason the rocket get no target, it behaves erratically and sometimes can go after you. - Rocketlauncher alt-fire unleashes all loaded rockets in an unstoppable succession. - Lowered kickback of the machinegun bullets. - New models for ammo items, backpack and body-armor. - Fixed reloading sound of pistol and rocket-launcher that keep playing when reload was cancelled. - Increased pistol flashlight's battery duration.

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