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Space Dust CTF


Well, first of all I must say I really like this map. Having played virtually nothing but CTF in JK2 and having played A LOT of Siege in JKA, I appreciate the value of a map with good strategic
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design. And being a CTF map, this certainly has plenty of strategic design! The theme of the map is also very interesting, its not often you get to have a CTF game in space! You wont need any space-suits however…;) The basic layout is the same as any CTF, Blues on one side and Reds on the other. However, on this map, instead of working your way around obstacles in the middle of the map, inbetween the two teams, because this is in space, there is something a bit more special….Teleporters! All around the floating platforms in this map are jump pads, which, when you walk onto them, shoot you off in the direction they point. Some take you to other pads, but others shoot you off towards floating teleporters that are infront of the flag bases. Being a relatively simple map, there’s not really much more I can say , the music and texturing is very cool. And it would be great fun to play a CTF game on! Perhaps the only things I think could be improved upon is, making it bigger – perhaps adding more platforms, or bigger platforms, with more things on them – and maybe adding some more detailing to the platforms, maybe like with some pipes or something like that. One thing that also bugged me was the bot support. There is bot support, but the bots act a bit strangely, like, they will walk off the end of a platform, or jump in the green goo and then die lol. That seems to be a fairly common problem with these maps that have platforms on, where if you fall off them, you die. That’s probably because of the difficulties with making bot routes so that the bots jump over and are able to land on the other platform. That’s not too much of a problem on this map though (unless you like playing CTF’s with bot players) as this map is MUCH more fun if played with real players ;) An excellent map here! If CTF is your thing, give it a download, oh, and watch out for that nasty green goo ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF ~Nozyspy~

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