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Chooie's Special Ops Trooper


I have a little added respect for this skin because it attempts something which, to my knowledge, hasn't been done before. It gives a stormtrooper a face. Not a whole face, just eyes and a mouth. It
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looks like the visor and mouth pieces of the stormtrooper armor were punched out, so you can see right through them. Despite a couple of gripes with the facial texture that I have, it actually looks rather realistic. Really really strange, since you're not used to seeing stormtroopers with eyes, but it does look pretty close to being right. Now I'm going to make a couple suggestions that would, in my opinion, improve this skin. If you read the read-me of course you'll notice this is the author's last skin (supposedly... we'll see!), so they're really just things for everybody to think about. First of all, the eyes and the mouth should be the focal point of this skin. Right now, what I would do is accentuate the whites of the eyes, because from a distance they look flesh colored. I would also choose an eye color other than brown - blue or green maybe - so that it stands out better. After all, you want everyone to be able to see the eyes! From a distance they look black. When the irises look black and the whites look tan, you get the "cartoon eyes" effect, which isn't accurate at all to what they [i]really[/i] look like. The lips bother me a little bit. I don't know that many men with really bright pink lips. I'm guessing, however, that from the slightly blurred quality of the facial texture that he photosourced it from somewhere else. That's fine, but when items are photosourced they should still be checked over in case they need tweaks. In this instance I'd either darken up the lips a little, and probably desaturate them a bit, or look up some photos of mens' faces and see how they should really look. Anyway, enough about the face! It's only, what, 3% of the skin ayway, right? That is, as I said, the focal point, but there are a couple of other tweaks that make this skin a little more unique. The breast rank, for instance. I like it. I have no idea if it's accurate to anything - to the best of my knowledge, and I have quite a bit in this area - stormtroopers do not have rank badges/pins like officers do. So it just adds a little bit to the skin. I love how, on the back, the little cannister says "thermal detonator". Nevermind that thermal detonators are round... ;). I remember seeing something shaped that way in Galaxies, however, and as I recall it [i]was[/i] indeed an explosive. Now I don't know if that text is new or part of HapSlash's original skin for this model, but either way it gave me a little chuckle. Now for the team skins. I like them and don't like them at the same time. I like the shades, but they're rather feminine. Blue team is a baby blue hue, and the red team is so light that I daresay it's pink. As a woman this doesn't bother [i]me[/i], but it may bother some of you. The neatest part about the team skins, though, is that they have different ranks. Blue is captain and "pink" is sergeant. A really nice touch, if I might say so. For something simple like this skin, it's really the little stuff that counts. Don't mind the fact that I was having a little fun with ModView when putting together the screenshots. I've had a long morning... ;) [b]NOTE[/b]: This is a Jedi Outcast model, so it will have the normal JO model bugs in JA. It will also work for either game. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri

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