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Elite Force Echelon


This is an update to the ever popular Elite Force Echelon server query program. I would like to point out that people who already have the program can easily update via the built in updater. Several
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bugs have been fixed in this version and some new features have been included: v1.3.2 - Fixed the progress bar which I broke in the last version v1.3.1 - Added exit button - Fixed colours for characters with codes > 127 - Moved some text out of the levelshot box v1.3.0 - Fixed crash when favourites.dat existed but was empty - Fixed display of v0.28 Demo Servers - Fixed player/server names using lettered colours - Installer now registers ocx files v1.2.8 - Fixed favourites w/o a port being deleted/queryed incorrectly - Fixed server list corrupting servers when refreshed rapidly Original review: [quote]In the beginning there was darkness, the emptyness of ones life waiting for the light, then a single byte flares into excistance, then another, soon thousands more. Features emerge from the chaos and Elite Force Echelon is born. Seriously though, Elite Force Echelon is a new breed of server query programs. It was born completely by chance and took several months to finish. While words alone may not be enough there are some screenshots below that might do. A lot of features are included to give Echelon just that little bit extra that Pathfinder is lacking. Echelon is an ongoing project which means potential updates are made available when necessary. The automatic update feature ensures the program is up to date with the best features around. Multi-language support is available (English US & UK, German, Dutch, and Portuguese) for those wishing to use the program in their native language. Colors can be changed with the theme option to give it a more personal look. After querying the Master for servers you will notice that each map displays a levelshot on the left. All levelshots are downloaded when necessary thus reducing original download size. This will help you to see what map is exactly being played before entering a server. If that isn\'t enough, you can even set custom names with which you want to enter the server and echelon will remember them for you. The same can be done with server passwords. Easily search for friends with the built-in search feature, enter a name, click on find and you will immediately find out whether your friends are roaming around in the servers. Add your favorite servers to the favorite list so you can easily query it and see who\'s online at that moment. Multiple Master server support has been implemented in case the Ravensoft master goes down so you will still be able to query the other masters for a server list. Both player and server name are displayed on the top with the colors they are using. Complex clan tags are no problem for Echelon. Quickly query 5 different versions of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and 2 different versions of Star Trek Elite Force II. The version can be set in the options menu. The ability to set a path to a different executable for each version makes it easy to join a server without any hassle about a new path for a executable. Restore the original settings back by clicking a single button. Be sure to report bugs at [url=\"\"][/url] in order to make this an even better program![/quote]

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