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Aliens vs Predator 2

Ultimate Mappack 1


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For \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" | | | | | | | | Mappack made by 00 | | |_|_______________________________|_| |_|_______________________________|_| --------- Index --------- 1) System requirements 2) The maps in the \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" 3) The Making of \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" 4) \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" problems 5) A tribute to all the mappers 6) Future mappacks 7) How to get in touch with me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) System requirements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.1GB (3174MB) free hard drive space. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) The maps in the \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contains multiplayer maps only. I was unable to provide a list of all the maps because there are just too many. But be assured this mappack contains almost every custom map made, from the birth of \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" to mid-September 2005. Here\'s a list of how many custom maps are in each category: DM/TDM/HUNT/SURVIVOR -- 377 maps OVERRUN --------------- 15 maps EVAC ------------------ 26 maps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3) The Making of \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note that I did not make any of the maps in \"Ultimate mappack 1\", I just took all the maps I was able to get, and combined them into one big mappack. To meet demand for a mappack that contains all maps for \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\". I spent many uncountless hours to make this mappack. Time spent downloading maps, adding all maps into one mappack, time needed to convert .rez files, time needed to write these text files, and time needed to test \"Ultimate Mappack 1\". Here\'s a list of the programs I use to make \"Ultimate Mappack 1\": -- DEdit -- Photoshop 7.0 -- WinRAR -- WinRez LT Studio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4) \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" problems ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are wondering why the \"Ultimate Mappack 1\" is not a .rez file, it\'s because I was having problems converting it into one since it was so big. So I left it as a folder, don\'t worry it works just the same. There is a problem in the host maps selection screen in the game, the blue highlight box around the \"Availble Maps\" box, is elongated. That\'s because of maps with very long names, the blue highlighted box has to conform around the name of the maps. Nothing I can really do about this problem, it doesn\'t hurt anything, it just looks weird. There might be problems with missing sounds and missing textures or textures that are screwed up in certain maps. Please note when I made \"Ultimate Mappack 1\", I got many maps out of other peoples mappacks and if they were screwed up in their\'s, then it will be screwed up in mine as well. Also I ran into a problem, two different mappers making a custom texture the same name and placing in the same folder, therefore, I could only pick one. As for some sound problems, there were a couple of sounds that were causing problems so I had to remove them. There also can be some missing textures and sounds that I could have just screwed up myself. And if that happened to one of your maps, or one of your favorite maps, then I am SORRY. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5) A tribute to all the mappers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Being that there are so many maps, there would probably be close to one hundred mappers who have made maps in \"Ultimate Mappack 1\". It\'s also close to impossible for me to get a complete list of all their names. Even if I did get all their names, people would still want to know what mappers made what maps. An undertaking too big for me to attempt, but if someone would like to do all the research to list all the mappers and the maps they made, I would be more than glad to add that information to any future Mappacks I would make. To all the Mappers who have made maps in this Mappack, I would like to say: \"Thanks for contributing your time and energy to this great game.\" \"Thanks for giving us better gaming experience.\" \"Thanks for keeping the multiplayer experience fresh and new with your maps.\" \"And a big thanks for helping to keep \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" alive.\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6) Future mappacks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If I overlooked a map or someone has made a map after the release of this mappack, I\'d be more than happy to add it in any future mappack I make. But am not planning on making another mappack for a while, so don\'t coming BUGGING ME to add a map. There are some preferred requirements that I\'m requesting, if you make maps: -- No long map names. -- Try to use very little custom textures as possible, because these are the most timeconsuming elements of making a mappack, or if possible don\'t use any custom textures or sounds, because you can still make a good map that way. (for example look at a map named: \"Toxic Feud\") -- Give your map an original name, because believe it or not, people remember it better that way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7) How to get in touch with me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can find me playing \"Aliens vs. Predator 2\" at least two nights a week, playing on custom map servers. The one I\'m normally on is called: , I go by the name of: 00 My Email is: I would also like to give special thanks to Hudson Hick Ontario , for without him none of this would have been possible.

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