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Call of Duty

DreamStats System


Miguel Nunes has brought us another great update to his DreamStats System, which again features a slew of wonderful additions to the already distinguished MP server PHP utility. Here's the list of
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features with the new v2.0 ones denoted by a plus sign: [quote] - Admin Panel / Config File - Change server IP and Port any time - Change page title - Change images path and format (.jpg, .gif) - Adjust table sizes - Add your own copyright text - Add background images to certain tables - Add notes in bottom of server stats - Change language file any time - Add meta-tags - + Change format of map images (all) - + Installation Panel (cant be runned if DS is already installed 'safety') - + Administration Panel with password protect - + Change skin - Stats - Display server name with correct colors ^1 is replaced - Display server IP (optional) - Display current gametype - Display current map name - Display current map picture - Display all players in server with correct nick and colors - Display current player score - Display current player ping - Notes box, no need to code html to add notes - Help boxes (when mouse over ? images) - Display if server is pure or not - Display if PunkBuster is enabled or disabled - Display server minimum ping - Display server maximum ping - Display server maximum rate - Display if server has password or not - Display server game and version - Display if friendly fire is on, off or reflect - Display if Killcam is on or off - Added a plus image to display cvars in Extra Information - Added 14 new map images (custom maps) - Added all Call of Duty United Offensive map images - Added a logmode image, when mouse over see full server info as a server log. - Warns if a file is missing - If a map image is not found, a UnknowMap image will appear - Loading page with progress bar (appears until images and stats are loaded) - + Change skin anytime - + Add/Remove server info in skin files 'see documentation' - Languages - English - Italian - Spanish - French - Portuguese - Swedish - Dutch - Supported gametypes - All default CoD gametypes - All default CoDUO gametypes - Hold the Flag - Conquest - Reinforced Search and Destroy - Speed Deathmatch (great gametype by xXezekielXx =D ) - Merciless DM, TD, SD, HQ, RE - Heat of Battle - Assassin - Capture The Item - What's updated in 2.0: - + New layout tables, organized and easyer to change sizes - + Fixed Gametype bug - + Modified default colors - + New progress bar animated image - + Organized the php code - + Fixed the extendable Extra Stats bug - Included skins: - + DreamStats - + SimpleSkin[/quote] Keep 'em coming, Miguel! ;)

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