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Duel Orb


This is an interesting little duel/powerduel map. While it doesn't sport any new textures or bot support, it does seem to work for its intended function as a duel map. First of all, the strengths.
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The actual architecture was rather good looking. The orb, as it is called in the name of the map, truly is an orb. The walls are slightl rounded, giving it a cage-like feel. The texturing, while somewhat bland worked for the map, and the actual dueling areas looked rather functional. There is an upper duel platform, with... some kind of a bit glowy thing in the middle (I can't quite figure out what they're supposed to be), and a lower duel area with the same glowy thing. The 'walls' of the map are really slats with forcefields between them. Now I found the forcefield shader the author used to be cool at first, and somewhat obnoxious as time goes on. Something a little more subtle might have done better, so as not to distract players from the action. While there seems to be no immediate way to get from the lower area to the upper area, four sections of the wall, which are solid, contain brushes sticking out slightly, making a perfect 'ladder' to regain entry to the top dueling playform. I can just imagine dueling jumping from top to bottom rather quickly - it seems like it would make for some intense gameplay. Okay, now for the weaknesses. As I mentioned, the texturing in various areas is a little bland, though it's hard to see [i]any[/i] of it because it's so dark. This map might've been a little better with some custom textures and some better lighting. Maybe some spotlights coming off of that center thing or something. Otherwise I found myself straining to see the detail. Also some custom music would have spiced it up and given it that extra little oomph to make it really good. I don't imagine bot support is a large area of contention, since I can't imagine many people playing a duel map with bots. However there is a bot routing tutorial on the forums that might be worth looking at, for future endeavors. Overall I found it to be a pretty good little map, small enough for duel play, but large enough to support a duel. Next time, though, I'd hope to see a few of the little extras that make a good map a great map. New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri

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