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Steel Legion Map Pack


Steel Legion Map Pack IMPORTANT!!!! This data needs to be installed into the Steel Legion Mod folder! These maps are distributed for use with the mighty Steel Legion Mod. The maps use
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elements from the Map_Mod library gratiously developed by Beroc. I\'ve added new decals and textures for use in the maps also. Map Mod Contributors: Beroc - founder monoRail - Mapper and modeller for the Space Hulk Mod Cerberus - Mapper dr2sheds - mapper The Maps: The Fires of Hades In the Second War for Armageddon, Hades Hive became more than a military objective. Yarrick\'s resistance challenged Ghazghkull\'s reputation as a Warlord - a challenge he could not back down from. Ghazghkull gathered an almighty force and attacked with the hatred an Ork reserves for his greatest enemy... **Game Play** 2p Dawn of War Map. 8 Strat Points, 1 Crit Locs, 0 Relics 0 Slag Heaps Developed mainly for Take and Hold / Control Area victory conditions. Autumn Daze Autumn Days are good days to die in. At last nature is silent apparently dead. That\'s it for the greening and blooming. The leaves mimic rusty medals awarded to the Earth for infinite patience. A few weary butterflies lurch along to their funeral. And we feel that the exhausted sun might finally have forgiven us for how we\'ve lived our life. - G√ľnter Kunert, Translated from the German. **Game Play** 4p Dawn of War Map, supports 2vs2 teams or FFA. 16 Strat Points, 4 Crit Locs, 4 Relics 4 Slag Heaps Developed mainly for teamed play using Take and Hold / Control Area victory conditions. Kilgore\'s Landing Two weeks ago, contact was lost with the settlement of Kilgores Landing deep within the equatorial jungle. A detachment of Cadian recruits was despatched to investigate as part of their training in Deathworld terrain - The last report indicated the presence of feral orcs which the Cadians were tracking down to exterminate. Find the missing Imperial forces and purge the wretched greenskins from the area. **Game Play** 4p Dawn of War Map, supports 2vs2 teams. 18 Strat Points, 3 Crit Locs, 2 Relics 4 Slag Heaps Developed for teamed play using Take and Hold / Control Area / anhillate victory conditions. Use of Steel Legion vs Orcs is recommended. The Siege Of Harfleur \"Upon learning of Feral Ork attacks on the outlying habzones, I positioned armoured support of the Cadian 154th around the city walls. Within the last hour our sensors have picked up Ork ships entering orbit from deep space. Let them come, we will destroy the invaders. We are the Emperor\'s sword! They cannot stand before us...\" Last Transmission of Captain Trajan, Cadian 154th. **Game Play** 6p Dawn of War Map, supports 3vs3 teams. 20 Strat Points, 6 Crit Locs, 3 Relics 6 Slag Heaps Developed for teamed play using Take and Hold / Control Area / anhillate victory conditions. . The Citadel Out in the Ash Wastes of Armageddon Secondus a Citadel carved into the very bedrock and stands as a testiment to the Emperors Indomitable Will. The Invaders now come to pillage it\'s treasure. Sweep it\'s broad terraces of all traces of enemy forces, let them fly before you like so much dust in the wind of the Emperors Vengence! **Game Play** 8p Dawn of War Map, supports 4vs4 teams 2vs2vs2vs2 or FFA. 24 Strat Points, 8 Crit Locs, 4 Relics 8 Slag Heaps Developed for teamed play using Take and Hold / Control Area / anhillate victory conditions. regards, sheds

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