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Nirenne Station: High Orbit


NIRENNE STATION \"In the far future, a space station is constructed in high orbit over the gas giant Nirenne. This station serves as a research hub, maintenance dock, and loading/offloading
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facility, with many modules constructed for widely varying needs. This map covers an upper level of habitation modules and connector hubs as well as a lower level with a small maintenance facility and manipulator arm.\" I was quite happy to see a map by Wedge, and \"Nirenne Station\" seems to be a great new addition to his already extensive collection of maps. This high orbit station has been created for the Map-Review geometry contest which has it\'s own set of specific rules. Basically, they were limited to 10 textures, and had to create their map within a fairly small area. Architecture was a strong point in this map: wherever I looked, I could see detail. Wedge has gone to the extent of mapping out each individual key on the keyboards and the \"On/off\" switch on the moniters. Architecture on the whole was good, and relied little on textures. You could see the small indents in walls where detail has been added, all the small panels and more. The only small problem was that the sides of the moniters and keyboards had been clipped badly, meaning that you could actually walk through the side of them. Another issue that changed the gameplay fun was that the shafts where you\'re thrown upwards... didn\'t work. Sometimes they\'d throw you up as expected but on occasion, you would become stuck underneath them. Overall however, it was amazing. The lighting isn\'t particularly impressive, but it does the trick. Everything is brightly lit, like you\'d expect a space station to be. You can see where you\'re going, even in the shadows underneath the panels at the bottom. Everything seems to be lit from somewhere - whether it\'s just reflected light or from some pale blue/green lights. Although the use of textures has been restricted, wedge uses the few textures he has well. Together with architecture, the varied tones seem to work well together. In simplier terms, it looks good. The atmosphere seems to be fairly good in this map, the bright lit corridors and simple textures give a real sense of a squeaky clean place. It really does look as if it\'s been left without use for a long time. Though as I was playing, I felt a bit like there was something missing in the map. After a while, I just guessed it was the lack of colour variation but something didn\'t seem quite up to Wedge\'s usual standards. Another nice feature I found interesting, which hadn\'t be used often, was the change of gravity levels. You seem to float a lot more in this level, as if gravity has a weaker pull on you - and sure enough, this IS a high orbit station platform so it\'s expected. It\'s refresing to see small details like this placed in maps. I played this map in duel, with a friend. We found it fairly easy to find each other, although the malfunctioning connection shafts did give a bit of trouble at times. There was room to duel and the lower gravity gave a nice twist unexpectingly during combat at times. In general though, we found it to be great for duelling. As usual with Wedge\'s maps, gameplay seemed to be a focus, although the connection points really did give a bit of bother. Using guns to fight was equally as fun, and the weapon placement was fantastic. In final, Wedge\'s latest work seems to be amongst some of his finer pieces, and definately worth keeping. He (as usual) provides great gameplay and combines it with a good theme. My verdict: 8.5/10 - Oxyonagon

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