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CS: Source: Zero Skin / Sound Pack


This is a skin / sound pack which replaces most of the ct's weapons and all of the games sounds, it changes the player model of the ct, changes the name counter-terrorist to KSK, it changes the
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splash screen and various other things, definately worth a download. (ps all the screenshots were taken by me =P) below is a change log [quote] Object skins: Action: Computer- HP computer Garbage bin- BFI garbage bin Microwave- new content Trash can- new content Vending machine- Pepsi machine Water bottle- Pepsi bottle Pictures / Graphics: Background images: Main menu background image changed Buymenu pictures: AK-47 buymenu picture- standard AUG buymenu picture- H&K G36 C buymenu picture AWP buymenu picture- AI G22 A1 buymenu picture Desert Eagle buymenu picture- grey Desert Eagle buymenu picture Flashbang buymenu picture- dark flashbang buymenu picture HE grenade buymenu picture- brownish HE grenade buymenu picture M4A1 buymenu picture- H&K G36 buymenu picture MP5 buymenu picture- H&K MP5SD2 buymenu picture Smoke grenade buymenu picture- blueish smoke grenade buymenu picture TMP buymenu picture- H&K MP7 buymenu picture UMP45 buymenu picture- H&K MP5K buymenu picture USP buymenu picture- H&K P8 buymenu picture Decals: Concrete decals F.E.A.R. style HUD: HUD fields layout /// tactical version available Player skins: Counter-Terrorist- KSK soldier Hostages- bruised Sounds: Item sounds: Ammunition pickup sounds- changed Flashlight sound- changed Kevlar pickup sounds- changed Nightvision sounds- changed Weapon pickup sounds- changed Physics sounds: Flesh hit sounds changed /// 2 versions available Player sounds: Death sounds- changed Footstep sounds (a lot of them)- changed Headshot sounds- changed Helmet hit sounds- changed Kevlar hit sounds- changed Radio sounds: CT win, T win, Round draw- no sound Rest of them- Kyrottimus' sound pack Weapon sounds: all sounds below have been changed AK-47 firing / boltpull sounds AUG boltpull / forearm sound AWP bolt / firing / clipin / clipout sounds Beretta firing / deploy sounds C4 beep / click / explode / plant sounds Clip empty sounds Desert Eagle deploy sound FAMAS firing / forearm sounds Fiveseven firing sound G3/SG1 firing / slide sounds Galil firing / boltpull sounds Glock firing sound Grenade pinpull sound HE grenade explosion sounds Knife deploy / wall hit / slash / stab sounds M3 insert shell / pump sounds M4A1 bolt / clip / firing / deploy / silencer sounds MP5 firing sound P228 firing sound P90 firing sound Pinpull sound SG552 boltpull / clipin / clipout sounds Smokegrenade explode sound TMP firing sound UMP bolt / clipin / clipout / firing sounds USP silenced / firing / clip / silencer / slide sounds XM 1014 firing / insert shell sounds Zoom sound Texts: cstrike_english.txt chat radio mess. match sound radio mess. metrical system and bugfixes in buymenu real weapon names cslogo.ttf writing removed Weapon models: AUG/ H&K G36 C AWP/ AI G22 A1 Desert Eagle/ grey Desert Eagle Knife/ Kabar knife M4A1/ H&K G36 MP5A3/ H&K MP5SD2 TMP/ H&K MP7 UMP45/ H&K MP5K Weapon skins: AK-47/ standard Arms/ black arms Flashbang/ dark flashbang Glock 18/ world skin coloured correctly HE grenade/ brownish HE grenade M249/ world skin coloured correctly Smoke grenade/ blueish smoke grenade USP/ H&K P8 [/quote]

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