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The Elements Pack


Here we have five skins. You can check the previous version of this pack out [file=\"46340\"]here[/file]. I\'m going to review each of these skins separately, so forgive the review if it\'s a little
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long. First we have the air trooper skin. I don\'t see how this is supposed to look like air, personally. Somehow adding white/blue noise to his underpants and making his hands white and blue striped doesn\'t do it for me. The rest looks mostly untouched, if recolored [i]slightly[/i]. Does this shout \"air\" at me? Not in the least. Next is the earth trooper. Oh boy, now his underpants are [i]black[/i] and white! How very exciting. I don\'t see what mismatched yellow/green/orange armor and black-spotted long underwear has to do with the earth. Maybe you can see it from the screenshot and I can\'t. Anyway, once again this doesn\'t shout \"earth\" at me. Now for the fire trooper. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but fire isn\'t red. Yes, I know it\'s a shock. Fires are more orange-yellow, actually. Light a candle and you will see. Once again, nothing firey about this skin. It\'s really just a completely red swamptrooper with the stripey gloves, which I still don\'t understand. The spotted underwear seems to be a must here. The gold trooper looks almost identical to the earth trooper, except that he\'s a bit oranger... and his undies and gloves are purple. Why? I have not the slightest clue. This \'gold\' trooper is definitely not gold, though. More like orange and green. Might I add that those colors do [i]not[/i] go together? The water trooper is by far the best skin in this pack, becaues it\'s almost the right color. I say \"almost\" because the color is not consistent. The head is a teal color, which is what sea water resembles most closely. The torso is a different shade of teal, with a little less green in it. The appendages are most definitely a more pure blue, and clash quite badly with the teal helmet and torso. Overall, this pack is really a disappointment to me. It\'s really nothing more than recolors and long underwear with filters. I\'d say that the author should probably learn to recolor properly before moving on, however. Recoloring is not hard, and it seems with this pack that he hasn\'t even mastered that yet. Better luck next time. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri

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