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Jedi Temple


Map rating: * * (out of four) — 6/10 New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No daral-zand has created his interpretation from Episodes I–III of the interior of the Jedi Temple located
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on Coruscant. There is nothing extremely wrong with this FFA / TFFA map, and I can see that the author is inexperienced and still learning, but there\'s a lot of work to be done for improvement. Coruscant is a city-planet, with bustling airways and tall skyscrapers. I look out of the windows of this map, and I see the dreary, dully orange sky of Bespin. The author made an effort in most areas except here; a picture of Coruscant as the skybox would have been better than Bespin. Despite this error or lack of effort, the sky isn\'t the point of the map—it\'s the interior at which I am really looking. Using scenes from the prequel trilogy, the author managed to create a map that has the distinct resemblance to the Jedi Temple, but it\'s not enough. We need more. The textures in the ceiling of the main hall don\'t seem to fit there, and I think that perhaps for the author\'s next map he should take a risk: try making new textures. The default textures are so monotonous that I would prefer new textures that may not be perfect but are perhaps more exciting than RavenSoft\'s smudges. Some rooms seem odd and impractical. The meeting room is too small for a true meeting—Jedi shouldn\'t need to crowd in such a colossal monument as the Jedi Temple—as is the map itself, which could use more detail, creativity, and space (fortunately, the filesize is good). I didn\'t understand the purpose of the room containing the drone and forcefield; it seemed too placed to naturally fit with the rest of the map. I liked the room with the many pillars and the main hall though, because they\'re just the right size for duels and medium-sized clan practices. It\'s annoying to have to run a mile in huge maps to get somewhere, but here things are condensed more effectively, if plainly. The author seemed to choose the right music. Many mappers use the \"Yoda and the Younglings\" track and the \"Across the Stars\" track from the soundtrack of \"Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones\" in making Jedi Temple–like maps. It\'s become something of a cliche. Some more emotional music from the original trilogy, though conventional and overused generally, works better for me in a Jedi Temple; it\'s something new when viewing something I\'ve seen so many times. Lighting seems to be a problem in need of fixing, and the architecture is acceptable—many straight, sharp edges, and not enough style or elegance (good use of curves might be too far ahead of what the author\'s learned about mapping so far, but that\'s all right). This map does not replicate the best representation of the Jedi Temple; it is an exercise in acquired skills. I don\'t discourage that, because we all need to continue to learn, and I can see that the author has certainly taken the time to learn things correctly—he doesn\'t let anything stand out as bad, so good job for him. As long as he continues to make sure nothing is truly atrocious or lousy, he will continue to learn and improve with whole-hearted effort. —Ra-Kom

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