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Coruscant Apartments


Okay, when I first loaded this map up I was a little confused... Coruscant apartments? Then why does the sky look suspiciously like Bespin? :confused: *shrug* Anywhow, I spawned in on a balcony,
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which I thought was a nice idea... until I looked up of course. You can see the hotel elevator windows which are fine, but the walls of the hotels are lit appaulingly. I have no idea how the author managed to light the building up with a giant stirp light-effect but somehow it\'s happened. And there was no feasible source which I could make out :( Oh, and it\'s floating, as hotels do. ;) I have to say that the lighting is the worst area in this map\'s construction. I don\'t think I found even one source, but there was a lot of awful shadowing and brightly lit and unnatural looking areas throughout the map. A few overhead lights, turn down the brightness of the lights in radiant and it\'ll look much better :) The elevators worked as I would expect, which was nice as they usually they go all screwy on you and refuse to go back up/down once you\'ve used them lol. The texture\'s used worked well together, but they weren\'t very coruscant-like. I think this map should be called Bespin Apartments really, as there is actually nothing coruscant-like at all. There was also a lot of texture misalignment, oversizing and Z-fighting, which was very noticeable on the balcony, looking up at the rest of the hotel. Some bot support wouldn\'t have gone amiss either - so many maps we get lack bot support and it really is a crucial element of a map like this - a few tutorials to read and that\'s it, not really too demanding. :( The map did have some nice areas, such as the lobby and some of the bedrooms, which although bare, did resemble hotel rooms. Aside from those imperial control panels.... *shrug.* I\'d quite like to see another version of this map, except at night, and with a coruscant sky - I think that would be quite cool, and probably would work with the map name better ;) New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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