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Korriban Heights


First off, apologies to the author for not putting that grave accent in your name - I have absolutely no idea how to add one of those so you'll have to bear with me 'till I figure it out
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;) Korriban Heights is a small duel/ffa map set, (surprise surprise) in some korriban mountains. Sure, it has the Dosunn skybox but we can use our imaginations right? ;) Layout wise, I guess it's okay - there's a fairly open section at the bottom to duel and some stairways going up to the higher level. The pillars around the egde and the flame-torches look cool, albeit out of place in the middle of the day - and they're all clipped to a good standard. Moreover, the framerate is good and it doesn't look too shabby, and the filesize is very small and an easy download even for the 56k'ers. :D Having said that, there are a few design faults and some texture bugs. The water isn't blue when you go in it, and the shadows look a little wierd for underwater. There is also texture misalignment along the glass sections and on the pad at the bottom. In other areas, the seams where 2 textures meet (such as the holes in the top floor and the floor itself) just clash badly and don't look realistic at all. Additionally, the bevels used for those big windows which you can look out from don't seem very sturdy - find me a real structure where the top of a curve is only that thick and I'll give you a cookie :) Where the stairs meet the second floor is a little awkward as well - you'd expect a solid meeting joint - having a curve misaligning with the first step leaves a gap and isn't very appropriate. Perhaps they could use some support at the inwards-facing side too - seems like they'd snap off at any moment ;) Ambiance-wise, the lack of music or sounds left the map feeling a little empty, and there was no interactivity. I was kinda hoping that chrome portal would teleport me somewhere, but it doesn't doo anything... therefore that texture doesn't seem to fit in, and the author forgot bot support, *strangles him.* :) New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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