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Oil Rig Duel Final


I don't really use Duel maps much myself, but it is quite nice to see a duel map every now and then to break away from the constant flow of FFA maps. While loading up the map, the screen displays
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the phrase, "Amongst the skies, and above the ocean...". "Strange," I think to myself, "an Oil Rig is above the ocean... but how is it amongst the skies?" My thought is interupted by my entry into the game. The very first thing that I notice? The music. Techno. I like Techno myself, but I'm sure there are people out there what will turn their sound off because of this music. After I snap out of my daze from listening to the music, I begin to examine the map. It's quite apparent that the author has a fair amount of experience with mapping curves. Curves can be tricky things sometimes. I like the design of the map, but I think as far as dueling it falls short. The outer ring is really the only place for a good duel, in my opinion. The ambiance in the map is quite nice. The ocean, the setting (rising?) sun, the sunlight reflecting off the water, the rain - it all works so well. As I jump around the map a little more, starting to assume that I'm done examining it, I suddenly miss the outer ring, and fall... only, I don't fall into water, I just... fall (and die of course). "That is what, 'amongst the skies,' must have meant!" I think to myself. "It's floating in the air. Wait a minute... this is an Oil Rig, it is supposed to be on the surface of the water!" It's kind of puzzling, but I suppose with the skybox's limitations, it makes sense. I think that maybe if the author had put some type of support beams and some pipes running downward toward the bottom of skybox where the water should be, it could have helped make the map a little more realistic. [u]Bottom Line[/u] Like duel maps? Get this [i]now[/i]! :p New Music: Yes (If you don't like Techno, just turn off the music in-game) New Textures: Yes Bot Support: It looks like the author tried, but it doesn't work very well (or maybe it's just my stupid computer acting up again). ~ Innocent Hawk

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