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The Dance Macabre


I\'d strongly suggest reading the pdf that is included in this mod as it details installation instructions *Duplicated here for your conveniance*, Tech Tree, Background, feedback information, update
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information and of course Aknowledgements. Installation Instructions This mod is compatible with the 1.3 patch for Warhammer: 40k Dawn of War. If you do not yet have this patch, then I would advise installing it as this mod will not work with older versions of the mod. It is not compatible with the 1.4 patch that was released today. You will have to wait until the expansion Winter Assault is released later this month, I will be releasing a new version of the mod once this is released. To install the game run the setup.exe that came with this pdf. Point the installer your Dawn of War directory e.g. C:\\Program Files\\THQ\\Dawn of War\\. If installed correctly there should be a folder inside your Dawn of War folder named thedancemacabre. To play with the mod simply start up the game, click on Mod Manager at the main menu. You will see The Dance Macabre mod on the list, click on this and then click activate. I would suggest restarting the game after this as the mod manager as the mod manager doesn’t update the team colour information when switching mods. To uninstall the mod simple go into your add / remove programs list in control panel and find Harlequins Mod. You can uninstall by just clicking remove. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Background The Harlequins (Eldar: Rillietann) are a uniquely Eldar social and military institution - a caste of fighters and entertainers who exist beyond conventional Eldar social structure. They owe no allegiance to any craft-world or other Eldar community and travel amongst Eldar - and other races - at will. The Harlequins see no distinction between art and war, and their outlook can best be explained by reference to the legend of the Fall of the Eldar; one of their self-appointed duties is to keep this legend alive through their performances. The central figure of Harlequin belief is the Cegorach - the Great Harlequin, also known as the Great Fool, the First Fool or the Laughing god. According to legend, this deity survived the Fall because his mocking nature distanced him from the corruption and decadence that became Slaanesh. The Great Harlequin is the only authority that the Harlequins recognise. There are stories about Harlequins and other Eldar who have met the Laughing god in the guise of a Harlequin without realising his identity until afterwards. Harlequins travel constantly, presenting entertainments based on Eldar tradition and centred on the body of lore which has sprung up around the Laughing god. They have been known to stage their dance-dramas for Humans and other non-Eldar, since they believe that the Fall of the Eldar holds a lesson from which all races may benefit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For much more information on the Harlequins background you should visit If you have any feedback or problems please don\'t hesitate to visit the forums at You can also check here for updates, screenshots, concept art and general discussion about the modification. This is the first public release and the mod is still in very early stages, yes all the models will be replaced eventually.

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