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Ryan's DOOM 3 Modification Pak File


This pak file addresses a number of problems (at least I think so) in DOOM 3, most notably the sound effects for monsters and weapons. To install this pak file, simply install this executable to your
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DOOM 3's ../base/ directory, as well as into DOOM 3's ../d3xp/ directory if you have Resurrection of Evil installed. ------------- Features: ------------- - Console now responds to tilde key being pressed instead of requiring 3-key combination. - Cyberdemon fight and Caseon PDA fixed. - Player weapon sounds for Pistol, Shotgun, Machinegun and Chaingun are changed. - Player now bleeds. - Pistol grip is now green. - Player shadow is now displayed correctly like in multiplayer. - Monsters spurt more blood. - Player jump/land/pain/disorientation/walk sounds are changed. - Chaingun wind-up/wind-down durations changed to .8 and 1.5 respectively. - Keycard sound changed. - Menu theme is now 128kbps; this is both menu themes now. - 'idlogo' RoQ movie intro replaced with updated intro. - Several door sounds changed. - GUI sounds changed. - Low ammo warning sound removed. - Swinging light sounds changed. - World flashlight projection changed. - Rocket Launcher fire sound changed. - Shotgun clip changed to 5 shells. - Shotgun reload amount changed to 1 shell. - Low ammo for Shotgun changed to 1 shell. - Updated Machinegun skin. - Config file rps.cfg now execs only player information (avoids further settings overwrite.) - Chaingun motor loop sound reflects new chaingun sounds. - Patch files removed from pak file to prevent incompatibilities with previous or future versions of DOOM 3. - Flashlight select sound changed. - Light toggle sound changed. - Monorail intro commando sfx changed to match in-game sfx. - Alphalabs 2 alarm sound changed. - GUI arrow changed. - Super Turbo Turkey Puncher announcer removed. - Default and Vapor versions merged. - Gibbing removed; vaporization replaced w/simple demon corpse removal after 2'. This is less CPU intensive. - Both medkits now have red indicator lights. - Armor Jacket pickup sound changed. - Plasma Gun idle volume and sound changed. - All modified id files now up-to-date as of 7/05. - Shotgun pellet spread changed to 13. - Elevator loop sound fixed. - Mod repackaged into RAR SFX archive. - Plasma idle tweaked. - Plasma ammo box texture changed. - Disabled default sound. - Fixed missing melee glass sound from weapons.sndshd. - Added player shadow entry to Autoexec.cfg. - Fixed weapon scripts/defs that have been updated by id. - Changed Double-barreled Shotgun wood grain to black plastic. - Attack/aroused/movement sounds changed for the following monsters: -- Thin Zombies, Fat Zombies, Commando Zombies, Imp, Hell Knight, Pinky Demon

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