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Dark Force Mod


Wow... ummmmm, what can I say about this mod? The [i]ultimate[/i] cheat code perhaps? :p This mod's purpose is to make the Dark Side of Force powers alot more powerful, but it does ALOT more than
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that: New weapons (a Bryar Pistol that fires rockets?!), super-charged force (on the dark side anyway), cloaking, auto-recharging shields, force that does not need to recharge, etc, etc. There is alot here, but the readme covers everything, and would probably point out more changes to you than I could by just playing through the mod and talking about it... so here is the list: [quote]This mod as the name, makes the dark side force is stronger than lightside Warning this, intended for dark side with full rank (rank 3) THE FORCE : - You can maximize force point to full force power! (you must choose dark side force and set all to rank 3) - Three special force : lightning, grip, drain can be done even enemy in far away range (this force radius is rocky now) - Jump and fly like superman (force jump height is very rocky) - Force meter is totally unused if you are rank 3 in all force - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE PLAYER : - Player set to undying mode, cannot falling to death, cannot dead by any damage causes - Your Lightsaber will be as great as single player, unlimited saberthrow time, and super damage saberthrow - Armor is now auto recharge, counting up to 100 whenever takes damage - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE WEAPON : - Special weapon available : Bryar Pistol (use give all to get it), primary attack : strong laser, secondary attack : torpedo rocket (both are deadly like atomic bomb) - Maximum ammo set to 999, and all weapon will shot faster - Your weapon cannot be pulled by force pull (that was annoying right?) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE INVENTORY : - Special inventory : Cloaking Device (use give all to get it), if on (active), player will automatically set to godmode and your force power damage will be boost to super damage attack! (force lightning, grip and drain will do extra damage if you using cloak active) if you using cloak, you are the master, truly shadowtrooper, unstoppable juggernaut! - Other special : jetpack, force shield, sentry gun, seeker drone and etc. will have extra activated time - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE GAME : - Cheats is no longer protected, no need to using devmap again - Fixed sound : force jump : jump1.mp3 force ligtning : gloat1.mp3, gloat2.mp3, gloat3.mp3 force drain : combat1.mp3, combat2.mp3, combat3.mp3 force grip : anger1.mp3, anger2.mp3, anger3.mp3 force push : taunt1.mp3, taunt2.mp3, taunt3.mp3 force pull : victory1.mp3, victory2.mp3, victory3.mp3 - Fixed score (capture the flag, ffa, team ffa, siege, etc) : suicide or killing team mates = -5 (no mercy for idiot) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE FRIENDS AND LOVE : Did you ever want to protect a female bot? maybe you jedi fall in love? You can now give god mode or undying for them! Type at the cheat console : "status" (this will show list of all active player, notice the index number! number 0 is must be you the player, and the rest is bot) See which number is you loved bot index, for example if your loved bot index number is 3, then you must type at the console "giveother 3 health" (remember to put slash "", give health is also means give undying mode) giveother is the command, 3 is index number and health is mean give undying mode. syntax like this : giveother If you want to give them something else just type it after index number, for another example : "giveother 3 ammo" = give ammo "giveother 3 weapon" = give all weapon "giveother 3 all" = give everything "giveother 3 armor" = give god mode "giveother 3 weapon_bryar_pistol" = give special deadly weapon, the bryar pistol and etc... :-) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE VEHICLE : - Did you have install the siege destroyer map? now if you exit from your ships in space, you will not suffocate to death, forget the horror of the space buddy :-) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE FUN : - Did you ever want to feel swimming in the lava? like in taspir or korriban? (the single player maps) - Do it now buddy! just type "devmap " at the cheat console, for example : "devmap taspir1" (to enter first stage of taspir) and then lets go swimming on the lava without fear of death "devmap kor2" (to enter the final stage of korriban) and then swim to lava or bungy jumping to the chasm, ahahahaha :-) "devmap t3_rift" (to enter rift, the burial site of jedi knight) and the jump up to the long way chasm without being dead. BUGS : Sometimes, weapon bryar pistol didn't draw the rocket torpedo missile, If this happen, type "give weapon_rocket_launcher" at the cheat console, switch your weapon to rocket launcher, fire a rocket missile, and then switch again to weapon bryar pistol and shot the alt fire, it should be fixed, and your bryar pistol will launch a deadly rocket torpedo![/quote] [u]Bottom Line[/u] Like Cheating? Like Dark Side Force? This mod is for you! ~ Innocent Hawk

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