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You know, I got through about half of these skins, taking screenshots as I went along, when I realized the author screwed up half his files, thus causing the team skins to show up
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in ModView. I decided [i]not[/i] to fix the screenshots, because the author sent me a pack with eight skins and not a [b]single[/b] screenshot. Guys, we absolutely hate it when you do that. Give us a break here - that's the easiest way to get your file ignored. Anyway, on to the skins. We have eight skins, as I said, all of which seem barely modified. We have the chiss model, reskinned to look like a bartender, but the recoloration is sloppy. The contrast hasn't been set properly. Of course, like all of these skins, it has "[MY]" slapped on it somewhere. Putting text on a skin just ruins it for me. Skins 2 and 3 are reskins of Chairwalker's cloud model. I really can't see much different here. Not to say there isn't anything, but nothing big than jumps out at you. At a cursory glance you wouldn't know. One of them does say "Cloud" on the back, in case you forgot his name... or something... The sith version of cloud looks like a Zack skin. Nothing really exciting. Next we have the Flash. By now I'd discovered the error in the skin files. The default skin for the flash is black. I don't get it... but... whatever. In my personal opinion it looks very dumb, if even just for the fact that he skinned right over the hair. I never like skins where you skin over the [i]huge[/i] bulbous Jedi model hair. Never turns out well. Once again we have [MY] slapped on his back. Next we have a Tavion reskin with recolored clothes (once again, the contrast is not set correctly). Other than that, she seems to have some rings added. I can't find much else. The last three are a chrome-looking stormtrooper, a simple reborn reskin, and a simple Yoda reskin. All have the [MY] clan tag on them somewhere. Overall I find this pack incredibly boring and with few changes to the individual models and skins. If some more effort and creativity were put into these it [i]might[/i] be more interesting, but as is it just strikes me as yet another group of clan skins. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No ~Inyri

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