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Hidden Mine (Siege)


Gah, I'm sorry I haven't reviewed anything for a while, kinda got caught up in a new game hehe. I'm glad that my next review is a siege map though. In my mind, this map type was virtually dead. I
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can't really talk about the objectives and things, because for me to test that I'd have to play it with someone on a server... but I can talk about the layout and design of the map. This map most certainly is big enough for a siege map. Numerous passages and areas make it easy to find ways to where you need to go, and to have some nice battles. The flow of it is nice, but at times it is a little confusing. There are various map weapons, such as automatic turbolaser guns to shoot the enemy, the lazer turrets that you can control youself, and some button-activated laser turrets as well, all spread through the map. The atmosphere is excellent. In the outside areas I'm pretty sure the author used a Sun Light Entity to give nice looking shadows, but without making anything too dark. I'm not exactly sure about this, but I think the author may have created new skybox and lava textures. The lava moves and stretches in ways I don't think I have seen before, and the skybox moves as well. It moves in layers, to help give depth to the clouds. and a much better sense of realism. The mountains in the outdoor areas are a little lack-luster though. It seems a little too blocky, and the textures seem a little too repetitive. Stretching/fitting the textures, or a different texture alltogether may have solved this problem. I would recommend to the author the program [url=""]EasyGen[/url]. It is very good for making mountains and hills (link is to a tutorial, and that has a link to the program). The author seems to have a very limited knowledge of curves, seeing as in numerous places on the map, there should be curves, but instead the author has resorted to cutting the brushes himself to resemble curves. It's not so bad, but it is one of the things that really takes away from the map. Probably my favorite part about this map is that rather than using Stormtroopers and Rebels and the like, it takes you back to the older days with the Rebublic and the Separatists. It comes with the all the models for it, so no need to download them separatly (the authors of all models have been credited by means of placing thier original readmes in the .zip). [u]Bottom Line[/u] Nice to see a new siege map. I hope to see some servers running this, and hope for an update too. Bot Support: Impossible for Siege ;) New Textures: No New Music: Yes ~ Innocent Hawk

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