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Star Trek Armada 2: The Twilight


This is a Beta from The Twilight Team of Star Trek Armada 2: The Twilight. This mod contains a collection of work from quite a few names including Major A Payne, Draconis Sharp and Elrond to name but
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three. So, what is The Twillight? Well lets go over each new feature. [b]New appealing interfaces including buttons and menus[/b] Now, Just take a look at the screenshots below and you can see that indeed, alot of detail has gone into the HUD and it really brings the feel of the game up to the next level for me, especialy for Species 8472. The interface really is appealing. [b]Edited missions which follow a new storyline which brings in ships from all eras of Star Trek.[/b] This is always a plus for any mod, it is always good and well to go and re-do all the missions you've done already in some new ships, but when a new story line comes along that really gives a truely great mod its momentum. An overview of the storyline is in the readme. [b]New ships and stations added, the best around the galaxy (old and new )[/b] Now this beta only cntains Species 8472 and The Borg, however there are some really nice ships and stations in this little package and it only adds to the feel already established by the new storyline and interface. [b]New canon weapon balancing to clearly show the advancements in technology a race makes.[/b] Some sides say that each race should have an even keel with different strengths and different weeknesses, and some say that it should be a case of who has most gets most. I prefer the latter, as life never deals a fair hand, so its good to see that the side with the most advanced technology gets the advantage they deserve from that. This makes the game realistic and adds to the gameplay experience in my view. [b]New timeline and refit system to show the progession of ship technology and upgrades.[/b] Now this is an intresting idea. Your ship is upgraded and refitted, to keep it up to the latest technology available, so you don't need to throw away all those old ships to build some new ones with even wooshier weapons, why not re-fit the ships you have? It's a neat concept. Add to all this the fact it comes in its own neat little installer, and you have yourself a mod well worth downloading and checking out, even if it is getting towards the painful side of 50mb's. Download now :)

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