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Demon Warrior


The idea here is good, but I'm not sure it turned out quite like it was supposed to. Of course with only the icon to go by I can't really tell either way. This is basically a black and red version of
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Jimesu_Evil's samurai model, however it does come with a custom sword made by the author. I'll comment on the skin, first. The skin strikes me as just a simple recolor. It's tinted red. Not much exciting about the body of it. The face is also red, and luckily it was recolored in such a way that it kept its original depth. There's a large scar (or in this case, it seems, open wound) crossing over the left eye, and the eyes themselves are very demonic-looking. Unfortunately because of the model, the skin's horns aren't actually attached to the head. It's an interesting idea, though, so extra points for effort. Personally I think this would look better without the swords at the hip, and if the fingers matched the face's skintone, but overall it does have quite an evil or demonic look to it. If I could ask for one thing, though, it'd be a creepier looking face. Right now it just looks like a samurai with a bit of a sunburn ;) Now for that sword. Both the model itself and the skin could use some work. They're pretty good, but everyone can improve, right? First the model. The poly flow is really strange. It doesn't need to deform, so it's not that big of a deal, but it could probably be arranged better. It [i]does[/i] make the chrome shader appear a bit odd, though. Also, the "teeth" on the blade are square, so I imagine they'll be doing more tearing than slicing. In my own personal opinion, it would've looked nicer had the author welded the two sides together to a point. Then again perhaps the sword isn't supposed to be that way. The hiltguard was UV mapped such that the edges stretch. That may want to be addressed for future models. The gems on the hilt look to have a much higher polycount than they need. How many sides is that sphere? Gee whiz... The actual hilt, however, looks good. There don't need to be so many sides on it, but in a vertical sense he didn't add any unnecessary segments. Now the skin. To be blunt, it's bland with no texture. Especially the blade. Also there is far too much grey. The hilt looks like wrapped leather... but it's grey, so I wonder to myself what material it's supposed to be made of. Not being the best texture artist myself, I'm not going to go into great detail on how to make ace weapon textures, but asking for advice on the forums is always a good way to learn. Overall, a good combination. It's always nice to see people making their own items, so I look forward to more work from this author. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri

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