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Aliens vs Predator 2

OPP1 - Of Gods & Monsters - Version 1.2


OPP1 - Of Gods & Monsters is the first released map from the Open Pyramid Project (OPP). The Objective of the OPP collective is to recreate the pyramid that appears in the Alien vs Predator movie
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as a map for AvP2. If you are interested in participating in the OPP or your are just curious and want more information regarding its progress, then please visit visit: You can also visit the Editing Forum at: or email me: Your involvement in this project is welcome. Thank you. Revision History: ----------------- Version 1.2 * Third playable Version 1.2, Released August, 2005. * Added: Single Player Predator Skirmish with all map features updated to V1.2. * Added: Miscelllaneous Props including: Pred statues, Alien statues and wall trophies. * Added: Brush work for extra Geometry details, both visible and hidden. * Added: Marine Pick-Ups: Health, Armour, Shotgun, Flamer, SADAR, Smartgun and Minigun - plus Ammo to suit all Marine weapons present. (SADAR and Smartgun are only accessible during alternate door cyclings.) * Added: Some skeleton Props with Combisticks stuck in/near them. (Can\'t have too many Combisticks in a map.) * Fixed: Marines/Merc Players can now join the game without being isolated in a poison gas trap. * Fixed: Narrowed gaps between the collapsed bridges so humans can make (risky) jumps across the abyss. * Fixed: A couple of leaks have been plugged. * Modified: Ambient sounds are now different. * Modified: Doors are now timed to cycle every 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes. * Modified: Reset Ambient Lighting (Now 12 12 12). Now easier to see without constant dependence on vision modes. * Modified: Predator Vision Modes to be more AvP movie accurate. * Modified: Minor changes to point lighting. * Removed: The Marines/Mercs poison gas trap and pit area have been removed, deemed now to be obsolete. * Removed: \"Callout.dtx\" removed from texture set. * Plus many other small tweaks and improvements, too small and numerous to list. Version 1.1 * Second playable Version 1.1, Released June, 2005. * Modified lighting. Map is now darker. * Added \"Callout.dtx\" texture advertising for help with the Open Pyramid Project. * Minor tweaking of Brushwork. * This version Should unzip properly without any CRC errors. Version 1.0: * First playable Version 1.0, Released June, 2005

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