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Deamon Knight


It\'s very rare that we get new models here, and rarer still that they\'re good models and done 100% by hand. Here we have one of those things, and I daresay I wished I could\'ve had this earlier for
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my melee weapons pack! Here we have a deamon knight, and boy is he scary looking! The screenshots mostly speak for themselves, but this model really is a work of art. A lot of the armor plating is removable, such as the arm guards, spikes, and leg guards. Even the helmet is removable, though the head beneath, while skinned, wasn\'t designed to be helmetless. If you don\'t mind a lack of ears, feel free to play with it without the helmet. The model makes good use of its shaders. It has an alpha shader, which makes the unwanted portions of the mesh transparent (such as the chin of the helmet), showing the intricate designs of the armor. The mesh also deforms wonderfully, given the intricacy of the armor. Even the short cape deforms rather well. Not only that, but it has a very unique specular shader. The specular shader is not white and black, like we are accustomed to. It is a subtle green and purple, giving the armor an shine reminiscent to that of oil. It also uses this same shader for the team skins, giving them a very unique red/blue color. Instead of the armor being red and blue, the specular shader is red and blue. Trust me folks, it\'s neat-looking. As if the model wasn\'t enough to make us drool, Gir has included a blade to go with it. Both the designs on the blade and the knight\'s eyes make use of a pulsing shader. The blade designs will pulse red, and the knight\'s eyes will pulse with their yellowish hue. The blade also makes use of Slice, Dice & Mince\'s blood effects. This is a model that should be in your base folder. It\'s well done and definitely unique. Remember to get it here, because you won\'t get it anywhere else. This model is a JK3Files exclusive! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No ~Inyri

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