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Infernal Death Orgy


Infernal Death Orgy is for people who have completed Doom 3 and want to replay the game at a higher level of difficulty. Take heed, mortals, for Infernal Death Orgy is perhaps the most difficult
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single player mod for Doom3. Your blood will spill profusely as you struggle to overcome the horrifying ordeal that lies ahead! With this mod: - The easy difficulty level (TOUGH) is about as difficult as Veteran on plain Doom3. - The medium difficulty level (BRUTAL) will challenge folks who have already beaten Doom 3 on Veteran difficulty. - The hard difficulty level (MASOCHISTIC) is nasty and I haven't completed the game yet at this level. If you triumph over the nightmare difficulty level (SUICIDAL) then you are, well, duh, oh nevermind nobody will survive SUICIDAL anyway. In my previous releases I had improved the difficulty and realism of Doom3. In this release I have been mainly working on boosting fun and excitement. The method by which I did this was by stealing and editing the DoubleSpawn feature of [file="43272"]the Double v2.0 mod[/file] by Mausus Atlas. This causes monsters to periodically spawn nearby, thereby making kombat unending and relentless. KILL! KILL!! KILL!!! -------------- Changes: -------------- - Changed the specular skins for machinegun, chaingun, plasmagun, and bfg to remove the glare on the weapon mounted guis. - Removed instances of mtr_wound_flesh2, mtr_wound_flesh3, and mtr_wound_flesh4 from weapons. The reason I added these in the first place was to prevent old wounds from dissappearing when you fill a monster full of lead. To understand what I mean, go kill a zomibe with your pistol, shoot its corpse all over about a dozen times, then shoot it in the same spot repeatedly. As it turned out, this really wasn't that noticeable, and removing it must save a little bit of memory. - Made new decals for hellknight fireball impacts, and plasma impacts, and chaingun impacts. - Fixed a small, nearly insignificant error in chaingun.gui. - Reduced chainsaw damage from 50 to 25. - New pickup sounds for chaingun belts, plasma cells, rockets, and bfg cells. - Increased the mass of your bullets so they throw enemies farther. - Added even more sounds to the silly soundpack. - Worked some more on Doomguy's new skin. - Monsters fireballs cause scorchmark wounds upon impact with flesh. - Added lasersights to pistol and shotgun, and added a flashlight to the machinegun. These don't cancel out muzzle flashes like most other flashlight and laser sight mods do. To do this, I wrote an FX file that makes a flash of light at the beginning of firing animations. - Revised documentation to make it more complete and up to date.

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