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This map has an interesting theme. It\'s a CTF Map, and in the center of it there is a Doctor\'s office with a bunch of medical supplies, weaponry, etc. This would come in handy on a run from flag
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base to flag base, but the way the doctor\'s office and hallways are designed, you might be able to effectivly trap someone in a hallway or something, so going through the office most definetly would not be the easy way out. ;) The author was able to help sell the idea that when inside you are in a doctor\'s office, partly because you will hear an intercom voice saying, \"Paging Doctor White, Doctor White call your office... Doctor White, call your office.\" Unfortunatly though, it endlessly repeats, and after a while it ends up sounding like 3 intercoms saying the same thing over and over and over and the voices are overlapping each other, and really ruins the effect :(. I would suggest to the author that the next time he does something like that, he should set the speaker entity to \"random\" so that at random times it will play the sound. The author has an extensive knowledge of curves - good thing too, because the curves help give this map a nice flow to it. The outside area is nicely decorated with signs and symbols, to give it a city feel and some eye candy, I only wish there was a little bit more, it seems a touch lacking. Speaking of eye candy, the flag bases are very cool. Large, white lights flash and light up the base, while floating red/blue energy fields add a decorative touch. The layout of the outsise walkways are nice, but what really gets your attention is a circular platform that quickly zips back and forth from base to base. It\'s fast enough to help you evade fire and maybe give some trouble to the people after you that want to get on too (to kill you ;)), but you would become a sitting duck to concussion rifle fire lol. The way the author did the sky was... interesting. Rather than a usual skybox, he just placed a screen of black in the sky, but the fog in the map makes it look more like a foggy, cloudy night. I would have preferred a good old starry skybox, but this works too. The biggest problem in the map is that when you fall into the pit below, rather than the camera shifting down to watch you character fall to his death while screaming his head off, you just simply fall. The death scream is still played, and you still die, but your camera stays with your character, and your character dies two seconds after landing on the ground. This may have been an error on my computer\'s part, but I don\'t think so. Another weak point in the map is that the textures tend to be a little too repetitive for my taste, but you don\'t really notice it much. Bottom Line: A nice CTF map with an interesting theme and good eye candy. Bot Support: No New Music: No New Textures: No Note: In the screenshots you will see Military Weapons in place of Star Wars Weapons... hehe, I\'ll have to remember to remove those next time I review a map lol. Sorry. ~ Innocent Hawk

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