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Sector A10 [Prison]


This map is really more designed around CTF than any other gametype, but it does work well for FFA as well. It's quite large in terms of space, but not in terms of areas to visit. Basically, on each
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half of the map there's the prison cells, the exit door around the back, and the underground section which seems to be a maintenance section. I think the main area with the walkways would be my preferred area to play in - the corridors around the maintenance areas are a little too dark to play in properly. The detail down here is also lacking somewhat - and the generator models have some lighting issues (Far too dark compared to environment) The general architecture was okay, although there was some Z-fighting (final screenshot) and in each corner of the map there were some rather random-looking and ill-textured er, things. :( I didn't figure out how to get inside the cell blocks, but I did find out that walking in front of the glass door behind the structure at each 'base' leads to you being fired upon by some kind of laser, which had no source. According to the readme though, there's some kind of choice between turning it on and opening the corridors to the basement, so I think it's a kind of tactical situation. Underneath the walkways in the main area is some kind of area where random gases are piped out - the cylinders look great on the outside but are impossibly thin on the inside - and it looks wierd was you'd expect this steam to come from a pipe under the floor, but instead it looks as if someone has just put a very cylinder on it for no apparent reason. (You can see the floor at the bottom of the cylinder) The map itself isn't terrible, although it does have a fair few design and technical bugs, however the layout seems adequate for CTF, and I can see it being popular with some of you. The framerate remained at no lower than 55 so there should be no lag issues - however using VIS more appropriately could have increased this figure to around 65 or possibly 70. The lack of bot support is also a severe drawback of this map, as it is of all maps in my opinion. It does include sonme custom music - a really heavy metal/Unreal Tournament-typed style. I thought it was okay, but I can think of much betetr choices which could have increased the atmosphere of the map - some more focused lighting would help as well, as there were a few places where lights didn't seem to have any source. Oh, and for future reference of the author, the .prt and .srf files are not required as distributables in your pk3. Bot Support: No New Textures :No New Sounds: Yes ~Szico VII~

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