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Ok, first of all, let me say, the tune on this map is ace! Good music to go along with a gun battle map :D I don't play JK2 multiplayer anymore (although I still play the Single Player side from
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time to time), but I can remember the days (the good old days) when I used to play a lot on FFA and CTF servers on JK2. I used to love the gun battles n' stuff, great fun. Well, the good news is, if you're a fan of gun battles like I am, that this is an excellent map for a gun battle! There's plenty of good places to do battle with your E11 or Imperial Repeater, like behind the crates (which there are ALOT of) through passageways and over bridges. Best of all though, there are these little moving platforms that hover through the "streets" in the map, it would be really cool to hop on there with your blaster! :D There's also some good spots for sniping, like the large platform that is in the sky. The buildings adjoined to the platform would also be a good place for a gun battle (the windows there aren't breakable, but if they were made to be breakable it would be a good place for sniping on people down below) :) Overall the weapon placing in the map isn't too bad, there's a decent selection of weapons, and they are well spread out. Health and Shields could do with being a bit more spread out though, and ammo placement seems a bit too random. All in all the map isn't too bad, there are one or two places where the structure of the map could be improved (like the ramps that take you up to the area where he buildings are), and some of the textures could be changed, like the texture with the squares on that is on the bridges, caus it looks a bit weird :S. Most of all it could do with some bot support, then you can blast bots instead of trying to get people on a server (if your lazy like me that is :P). Not a bad map here, if you like gun battles then you might like this ;) Personally I would love to see a v2 of this. Its certainly inspired me to make another gun battle map! ;) Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master ~Nozyspy~

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